Six strength-boosting dumbbell exercises for cyclists - make the most of this home-gym staple

And not a single bicep curl - these cycling-specific exercises go beyond the basics

 Male cyclist in a plank position pulling a dumbbell up to the right side of his ribcage
(Image credit: Future)

The benefits of strength training for cyclists is well documented, although many cyclist still don’t include it in their training regime. This may be because they are unsure on how to do it or think it will effect their training on the bike.

As we get older we lose muscle mass and strength, termed sarcopenia. Muscle mass decreases by 3-8 per cent per decade after the age of 30. Furthermore, we get a greater decline is fast-twitch (Type II) fibres, hence the need for strength training to prevent a decline in performance. This is particularly relevant for masters athletes and women. especially those approaching menopause.

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