'The Earth’s circumference is 40,075km and I went over 45,000km': Meet the cyclists riding the furthest and the longest from the comfort of their homes

In search of indoor riders who go beyond the bounds of accepted norms, Steve Shrubsall tracks down a cast of characters who leave blood, sweat and traces of their soul on the turbo trainer

Carry Cole rides indoor bike
(Image credit: Future)

The words ‘crazy’, ‘indoor’ and ‘cyclist’ are commonly found furnishing the same sentence, forming questions like: how does anyone sit on an indoor bike for hour upon hour without once breaching the four walls of their garage or utility room? For those of us not yet bitten by the indoor cycling bug, it’s tempting to assume that these cycling shut-ins have had a screw come loose. 

But with smart-trainers gracing more and more homes, it’s apparent that riding indoors is not only acceptable these days but quite the norm. In Cycling Weekly’s recent reader survey, 70% said they train or race indoors at least occasionally. But as we’re about to find out, some riders take virtual reality riding to a level far beyond dodging a drenching outdoors. We speak to a selection of riders fanatical about indoor pedalling and ask about the method, as well as the motivation, to their madness.

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