Elinor Barker column: 'I try to remind myself to enjoy the things I take for granted'

With the Tokyo Olympics postponed, world champion Elinor Barker takes some inspiration and perspective during a time of crisis

It’s been over a month since my last race. I can easily recall the emotions that always fill the short window between warm-up and racing; I get so worked up with nerves that I vow never to put myself through this torture ever again (a promise that’s always forgotten with the first pedal rev of racing).

This pre-race ritual was going no differently to normal before the points race at the World Championships, albeit with some distraction. We were in Berlin, and Kristina Vogel was being presented the UCI merit award at her home track. I was sitting in the pits, headphones on, trying to stay in the zone, when I became aware that everybody around me had stopped talking and was watching the big screen. Curious, I took off my headphones to see what the fuss was about.

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