I?ll start this blog with an apology to all my readers (hello Mum and Dad) for not posting an update yesterday. A busy evening and rushed morning meant I didn?t have time to write a blog for day three, but before I move on to day four, I would just like to take this opportunity to deny the rumours that Mike and I got in trouble with Ponch, or Jon Baker yesterday.

Moving swiftly on, today?s stage was a winner all the way. We managed to jump onto the route a few minutes in front of the riders and thus enjoy a drive down the incredible Highway 1 with virtually no other traffic. The spectacular road hugs the coast, twisting and turning around the contours of the land as it drops in to the sea, and is probably the only race route in the world that offers even more beautiful photo opportunities than the Alps.

We put down the top of the Red Shark (then quickly put it back up as it was freezing) and cruised down the road listening to some average music Mike bought in HMV at Heathrow. The drive, and accompanying soundtrack, lead us back in to a discussion about the amount of songs with lyrics that feature town names from California.

Seeing a sign to Eureka on day one triggered the conversation. That name was of course used in the Mylo song, ?Sunworshipper?, from the ?Destroy Rock & Roll? album. We later saw signs for both Santa Cruz and Big Sur, but neither of us could remember what songs these names were used in and who sung them. It?s been playing on my mind ever since and is now becoming incredibly annoying.

So that I can stop worrying about such an important matter, I?m offering a prize to the first reader who emails me (on with the correct names for the two songs I?m thinking of (plus the names of the bands). That lucky, lucky reader will win themselves a rubber ducky, stolen from the Chancellor Hotel in San Francisco.

Have you just eaten a terrible meal in a Central City Broiler steak house and are now feeling a little queasy? If so, email