CW5000: CW Staff progress - James Bracey

Senior tech writer James Bracey takes us through his riding for the first two months of the year. A former racer he mixes up his riding quite a bit and while he doesn't log all his miles he's another one expected to hit the big five-quadrouple-O in 2020.

Name James Bracey

Job Senior Tech Writer

How many miles have you done so far in Jan and Feb?

In terms of the amount of miles I’ve managed to log via Garmin and Strava then it stands at 595. However I’m pretty slack at using my Garmin and don’t tend to log a lot of my testing miles or a lot of my MTB miles. So the actual mileage I’ve ridden is a lot more!

Are you following a training plan, or just riding?

I have a vague training plan than tends to change weekly in my head. It’s all based on my old training plans from when I raced a lot. But most riding is just that, getting out and enjoying myself on a bike.

What’s been your longest ride?

This year? I’ve managed a few 70+ milers, longest of which was a brutal, hilly 75 in Scotland.

Have you suffered any setbacks?

It’s been a good start so far but I have the issue of having my kit spread over three different locations meaning there have been several times when my shoes have been in a different house to my bike!

James Bracey isn't scared of heading off road every now and then.
(Image credit: chris catchpole)

What’s your ratio of indoor to outdoor miles?

I’m definitely an outdoor rider primarily. I’m a bit weird and love being out in the wind and rain. That said I have started to hit Zwift hard, especially on a Friday night when I use it to justify my Friday night beers.

What’s your main target for this year?

I’ve got a few! I’m planning a racing comeback on the road and cross-country MTB. I’ve also entered several gravel enduro races, I love the combo of racing stages and riding with a group. I’ll also probably do a bonkers long distance multi-day bikepack/ride - that’ll up my mileage!

Are you doing more or less riding than this time last year?

Definitely more this year as this time last year I was working at mbr and had less inclination to ride a road bike.

Confidence, out of ten, of hitting 5,000 miles this year?

Ten of course.

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