Strava’s live segments come to iPhone and Android

Strava's live segment feature is now available to smartphone users on iPhone and Android devices

If you use your smartphone to record your rides you could now be able to receive live segment information from Strava on your screen as you go.

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Previously released for Garmin cycle computers and later rolled out to other devices, live segments will show your progress on pre-selected Strava segments, giving you a nudge to push for a new personal record.

If you own an iPhone or Android device you will be able to see your progress on segments as you battle through them, with markers showing your current effort against your PR and the KOM. If you don’t have your phone strapped to your stem you can select audio cues to hear your progress.

Do you know Strava’s secret feature?

“Last July, we launched Live Segments for Garmin cycling computers and saw that athletes really enjoyed the feature. We wanted to extend that positive experience to the millions of athletes who use their phone for riding and running,” says Aaron Forth, Chief Product Officer at Strava.

If you’re a Strava Premium member you can star your favourite (or least favourite) segments in order for it to give you live progress on future rides.