Tweets of the week: Owain Doull rescues a dog, baby’s joy during first off-road ride, and Elinor Barker races with John Cena

More cycling gold from the world of social media

How’s everyone coping without racing?

Have you started re-watching old editions of Paris-Roubaix yet? Or maybe you’ve started getting into cross country skiing on Eurosport?

The pros are also getting used to their off seasons and luckily for us it means they have more time to treat us to some quality content on social media.

Here’s our regular round-up of the best tweets from the cycling world in the last seven days, featuring Geraint Thomas, Ellen Noble and Valtteri Bottas.

1. Luke Rowe rubs salt into the wound for Thomas

2. The Olympic Madison team no one was expecting

3. Owain Doulittle to the rescue

4. Strava becomes a very different place in the winter

5. An insight into Sam Bennett’s priorities

6. Valtteri Bottas may be at a disadvantage in this weekend’s Bahrain GP if that’s his car

7. This video is simply heartwarming – enjoy

8. Cyclocross runs in the Wyman family

9. There are no excuses, don’t be this guy

10. The amount of traffic on the roads is just getting ridiculous

We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets of the week.