MET unveils Codatronca short tail helmet to help more riders reap rewards of aero tech

The Codatronca will suit riders tackling undulating or hilly courses as well as those who struggle with head position

MET Codatronca

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Not all time trials are fast and flat. As a consequence, brands have begun to create dedicated helmets solutions. The latest one? The MET Codatronca.

The new Codatronca is an alternative to the brand's Drone long tail helmet. The video above will help you determine which is best for you, or read on for written advice.

Choosing a time trial helmet

Choosing the right helmet for time trials or triathlon isn’t just about opting for the one with the best wind tunnel results.

A long tail helmet like the MET Drone will prove fastest for a rider who keeps their head low and still, when wind conditions are optimal. This takes a huge amount of discipline, and depending upon flexibility and strength, may not be possible for every rider.

It’s also harder on more undulating or technical courses.

A shorter option, like the MET Codatronca allows the rider more freedom to move around, without affecting performance. You can put your head down to stare at power and cadence outputs without having to worry that you’re presenting a barrier to the wind.

The Codatronca also provides a wider range of vision, thanks to an improved magnetic visor, and a fully adjustable Safe-t Orbital retention system, making for a more versatile lid that can be used out of competition. The buckle is magnetic too, for speed and convenience.

Before you choose your helmet, MET suggests you ask yourself:

  • What is the course profile? Hilly, straight, is there a possibility of cross winds?
  • What position do you have on your bike and can you maintain it for a long distance?
  • Are you looking for a versatile aerodynamic helmet or a very specialist one?

MET Codatronca

Choose the Drone for fast, flat courses, if you can keep your head low and want a helmet for these sorts of events only. The Codatronca will be your friend if events are often windy, technical, or you struggle to keep your head still.

Other features of MET aero helmets

Both helmets use MET’s ‘Widebody’ construction.

This tech aims to work with the riders body – rather than cutting a minimal profile, the shape drives air around the shoulders to improve aerodynamics.

MET Drone

It also makes more room for the rider’s ears, increasing comfort.

Finally, the Drone and Codatronca boast three low profile vents, designed to avoid overheating.