Canyon Endurace road range

Canyon's new Endurace range slots nicely below their Ultimate CF SL

Sitting under the Ultimate CF SL in the Canyon range, this new model, the Endurace, borrows a lot in terms of technology and style from its more established sibling.

In fact, at first glance, you’d do well to tell the two frames apart, other than by the paint jobs. As expected, the bike is pitched as a comfortable race bike. In the UK, that sometimes translates to ‘sportive bike’, but don’t be fooled by that word ‘comfort’ — this bike is all about the speed, says Canyon.

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Engineers say a new carbon lay-up keeps the frame stiff where necessary, and subtly flexible where not. Canyon has used its own VCLS (Vertical Comfort, Lateral Stiffness) technology everywhere on the 1,040g frame (size medium).

These four letters sum up the Holy Grail in performance, according to Canyon — with comfort and stiffness working together in harmony.

It’s impossible to evaluate this claim just by staring at the bike, so we’ll have to assess it on the road, where we should be able to really feel it. Other bits of tech aren’t so hard to spot. The super-thin seatstays, the VCLS 2.0 seatpost, and the top tube/seat tube junction are all engineered for comfort and stiffness, too.

The carbon fork has also been updated; it’s mounted 6mm higher inside the head tube, effectively increasing the length, and therefore the flexibility. Once the raised fork crown is taken into account, the head tube is 165mm for a size medium, which seems about right for a racy machine with aspirations towards all-day riding.

Yet to come is the 8.0, an 11-speed Shimano 105 5800 series version, which will be available later in the year when the new groupset becomes available to bike manufacturers.

The range

Canyon Endurance 9.0 SL £2,599

Canyon Endurace 9.0 SL £2,599

Canyon Endurance 9.0 £1,699

Canyon Endurace 9.0 £1,699

Canyon Endurance 9.0 £2,199

Canyon Endurace 9.0 £2,199