Canyon promises quick solution for delays that have left customers waiting months for new bikes

German company hopes to resolve delays within the next four to six weeks

Canyon has apologised to customers who have experienced delays in receiving their new bikes, blaming the hold-ups on teething problems with getting a new factory and computer system up and running, combined with reduced customer service capacity over the Christmas period to deal with complaints.

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Roman Arnold, the company’s CEO, wrote to all affected customers in November acknowledging the problem, and apologising for the delays and any misinformation that customers may have received about their orders. Since then Canyon says that it has been working to sort out the problems, saying that it now expects everything to be back to normal within the next four to six weeks.

The German company has been subject to vocal complaints on social media in the last few weeks, with some customers complaining that they were given expected delivery time months later than initially expected, and that they were struggling to get in contact with Canyon’s customer services team to receive update on their orders.

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One customer who contacted Cycling Weekly reported ordering a Canyon Endurace in late September, and after struggling to get in touch with the Canyon customer services team, has been given an expected delivery date of 25 March, six months after the initial order.

The company’s Facebook and Twitter profiles have been subject to many similar complaints from disgruntled customers, with one even going as far as setting up a Twitter account specifically to publicise the problem.

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According to Frank Aldorf, Canyon’s Brand Manager, the problems stem from the move to a new factory and software, with the switchover causing numerous teething problems leading to a backlog of orders.

“In October we switched to a new $20 million production facility in Koblenz where we assemble the bikes,” Aldorf told Cycling Weekly. “It’s a top quality, state-of-the-art production line similar to what is used in the car industry.

“At the same time we switched to a different software, but unfortunately we had quite a few bugs during the switchover.

“In the long term these changes will help us to fulfil the high demand for our product and to make our customers more happy. But since October it’s gone the other way”

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The problems have been compounded over the Christmas period, with customers complaining of poor customer service and sub-standard communication. This is an issue that Canyon UK’s Nick Allen is aware of, but says that the company is working hard to resolve.

“It’s unfortunate that these delays have occurred over the Christmas period where we’ve been short on staff and haven’t been able to run a full service,” he said. “However there are plans in place to see if we can extend the opening period.

“In the UK alone we’re doing 700 online chats and responding to more than 1,000 emails per week, so we’re working extremely hard to resolve the problem.”

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Having been an ongoing problem since October, customers will be eager to find out how much longer they will have to wait for their orders to be fulfilled. According to Aldorf, Canyon is hoping to resolve the problem within the next four to six weeks.

“We’re shipping out 300-400 bikes per week, and producing more than 1000, so it’s definitely working.

“We’ve also decided to be more generous with the expected delivery dates that we’re giving out. In the past we always thought that we could deliver quickly, and when we couldn’t that was frustrating for customers.

“The delivery dates that we are stating now are all worse case scenarios.”