You’d think that sponsoring a pro team would mean that a company might just concentrate on its top-level products. Proving this to be wrong is Cervelo with the newest addition to its range, the RS.

Filling a gap previously created by the absence of a sportive model, the RS should appeal to more than just the sportive rider. The higher front end means that a higher handlebar position is achievable without the need for multiple spacers.

Cervélo hasn?t just added a bit to the head tube, in fact the whole geometry is tweaked in proportion to ensure handling isn?t detrimentally affected.

The rest of the frame has a distinct R3 look about it, which isn?t surprising as Cervelo tells us that some of the riders from CSC will be using these frames next year.

Although the general manufacturing details and tube profiles have been seen before, Cervelo?s approach to its extra small models is interesting. Toe-front wheel overlap can be an issue at low speeds with certain sized bikes, especially small ones. Cervelo?s response to that problem is a refreshing and honest one.

Handling and geometry come first, why change these to solve a problem that is more a perceived one than a performance affecting one? It is thinking like this that keeps Cervelo at the forefront of innovation. We look forward to getting a first ride report to you very soon.


Contact www.cervelo.com for further details.

Frames will be available through www.ultimatepursuits.co.uk