Details of new SRAM Red groupset slowly emerge

Component manufacturer SRAM has released the latest image of its updated 2013 Red road bike groupset, due for release in February 2012.

The latest image shows the crankset, derailleurs, brake lever/gear shifter, brake caliper and cassette. First impression is that it has a much smoother appearance and features more glossy black than the current Red components.

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Most noticeable in the latest image is that the outer chainring has been heavily redesigned, with black detailing giving a ‘turbo fan’ look to the 53 tooth ring shown below.

The carbon-fibre crank arms have a gloss black finish, similar to the current model but have a more aero, flattened design around the bottom bracket axle junction.

The black finish has been carried over to the rear derailleur and brake/shift levers, which now have more slinky curves than Kelly Brook at the boomerang throwing world championships.

The cassette remains 10-speed for 2013.

No technical details have get been released by SRAM, although it is believed that a weight saving of over 250g has been achieved for the groupset as a whole making it the lightest groupset on the market.

They may not be joining in the electronic component wars, but – for now at least – SRAM are sticking with what they know, and pushing the design boundaries of the mechanical groupset to create something that stands apart from their rivals.

Cycling Weekly is hoping to be one of the first to get hold of the new Red groupset for test in the New Year.

Cassette features elastomers for a ‘silent ride’

Brake detail

Front derailleur detail

Shifter detail

Crank arm are hollow carbon fibre

Rear derailleur detail, showing the Aeroglide jockey wheels for ‘silent performance’

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