We round-up the six biggest selling cycle helmets in the UK market and tell you what’s what with each of them.

Heads come in many shapes and sizes. Making sure your helmet fits and is comfortable is a must, so spend at least 10 to 15 minutes to get your helmet properly fitted. Here are a few steps to follow which should help.

* Size: Try more than one since different brands have different shapes. Make sure the helmet doesn?t rock from side to side.

* Pads: Use the sizing pads to secure the helmet to your head. Mix or match the pads to improve the level of comfort. Alternatively, if the helmet has a universal fit ring, adjust the ring to fit your head.

* Position: The helmet should sit level on your head and low on your forehead one or two finger widths above your eyebrow.

* Buckles: Make sure the left buckle is under the chin. Straps can be lengthened or shortened by adjusting the buckle. This is far easier to do if you take your helmet off first.

* Chin strap: Make sure you fasten your chin strap. Tighten the strap until it is snug. No more than two fingers should fit under the strap.

imageSpecialized Propero £79.99

Black/silver, 51-57cm (road). Specialized branding, goes well with bike sales, and uses similar venting and borrowed technology from its S-works helmet.

CW says ? The reliable Pro Fit 2 retention system was also used on the Decibel and is easy to adjust on the go. The Propero is styled very similarly to the more expensive 2D and has been wind tunnel tested for maximum cooling.

imageGiro Monza £49.99

White/titanium, 55-59cm (road)

CW says ? The two piece In-Moulded hard body design adds strength while 24 sculpted vents take care of the cooling. The RocLoc 3 is a tried and tested mechanism, allowing easy adjustment and stability.

imageGiro E2 £89.99

Black/silver, 55-59cm (mtb). Giro?s lightest mtb lid with an adjustable peak and loads of cooling vents.

CW says ? A mountain bike helmet, the E2 has a removable peak should you want to use it on and off-road. The more advanced RocLoc 4 retention system gives an excellent fit allowing lateral and vertical adjustment, and has 24 vents that are channelled through the helmet.

imageBell Sweep R £79.99

When people try this on, it tends to be the one that fits the best. Very stylish with a range of attractive colours.

CW says ? Slightly longer than the Giros, the Bell Sweep R is more often than not a good fit. A stylish helmet, thanks to the tastefully aggressive design, it?s been around for a while but is still a best-seller for us.

imageGiro Ionos £129.99

Giro?s top-of-the-range bike helmet. Very light, carbon-fibre construction. Fits on most heads and is extremely comfortable.

CW says ? Second generation of carbon sub-frame helmets allows the best cooling on the market thanks to 21 massive vents. RocLoc 4 offers good fitting and X-Static pads make this a very comfortable lid. This technology doesn?t come cheap though.

imageSpecialized 2D S-works £110

White, 51-57cm (road). Very light and well vented helmet, loads of features and reasons to sell it.

CW says ? Dual density EPS polystyrene in impact zones helps to make a strong yet incredibly light helmet. The Pro Fit 360 Fit System uses a band surrounding the whole head for a near perfect fit for most head shapes, with good venting too.