Selle Italia Novus Flow saddle review

Selle Italia has reintroduced the Novus into its range. Designed in collaboration with Ferrari, its race car inspired shape has been brought up to date.

Selle Italia Novus Flow saddle 09 copy
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Whilst the Selle Italia Novus Flow saddle brings a refreshing style to saddle design, the shape is one that you will either love or hate. Using the Selle Italia ID Match system takes some of the guesswork out of choosing the correct size but comfort is still subjective. The firm, curved shape will suit riders who like to move around on the saddle, but it certainly is a saddle to try before you buy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    ID Match shape choices eliminate guesswork

  • +

    Suits riders who move around on the saddle

  • +

    Flow model has increased comfort

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Unusual shape makes quick set up difficult

  • -

    Firm ride

  • -

    Doesn’t suit all riding styles

  • -

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The shape of the Selle Italia Novus Flow saddle will be familiar to riders of a certain age as it is a re-launch of one of Selle Italia’s iconic saddle designs of the 1990s. The distinctive, almost futuristic shape was the result of collaboration with Ferrari. As a consequence the shape has more than a nod to F1 car design, the oddly angles nose particularly reminiscent of a F1 nose cone.

Leap forward to the present and the Selle Italia Novus Flow saddle has been reintroduced, benefitting from over a decade of saddle refinements from the Italian company. The design remit of the Novus was to provide a saddle that allows easy body movement forward and back on the saddle according to riding style, enabling the rider to maximise comfort.

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