Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow women’s saddle

With its huge cutout, the Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow provides excellent ventilation, but the reduced sit-bone support may prove uncomfortable for some.




  • Lightweight
  • Good choice for aggressive riding
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Very large cut-out may be uncomfortable for some
  • Wide nose

Price as reviewed:


Selle Italia is possibly the most famous saddle brand on the market. Established back in 1897, they’ve got years of knowledge and experience in saddle making. The SLR range is aimed at more serious riders, so we were expecting great things from the Selle Italia Lady Flow.

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Weighing 186g, this saddle is definitely meant for those women looking to save some grams whilst still being comfortable. The saddle is 275mm long and 131mm wide, putting it towards the narrower end of the ladies’ saddle options and in the middle length-wise. It is covered in Selle Italia’s Fibra-tek and is available in black or in white, both with pink flash highlights. The saddle sits on titanium rails.

The large cutout, described as a “super flow” in the saddle description, was so large it left us bruised after long rides. This may be due to our narrower sit bones, as it seemed the edges of the cut out were just where we needed our sit bones to rest comfortably. Others have had a better experience with the equivalent men’s saddle. Alongside this, the nose of the SLR Lady Flow was also wider than we’d personally like, making it awkward to get in the right position during hard efforts.

For women that have wider sit bones this may be a perfect option, especially as it’s so lightweight, so don’t be put off. Selle Italia again recognize the importance of personal fit and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Better for those with wider sit bones


Rail: Titanium
Size: One size
Colours: Black, white
Weight: 186 grams