Islabikes launches its most ‘pro’ kids’ bikes yet

Islabikes is known for its quality children's bikes. Now it has launched a range of premium bikes designed for the more enthusiastic young rider

Islabikes has pioneered higher quality children’s bikes and today it has announced a new Pro Series range with upgraded components and aimed at more enthusiastic and competitive young cyclists. Pro Series bikes are available to cover starter bikes, cross-country mountain bikes, mixed terrain riding and cyclocross.

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Isla Rowntree, Islabikes’ founder says: “I wanted to deliver a range of even lighter, higher specification, performance focused Islabikes with all the benefits of our holistic design approach for those whose lives revolve around youth cycling competition”. So all the bikes in the new range get premium features like full carbon forks, Stan’s rims and tubeless-ready tyres.

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As two-time national women’s cyclocross champion, Rowntree knows her cross bikes. The Luath Pro Series is designed for cyclocross racing and retails at £1599.99 – around three times the cost of the standard Luath. It comes in versions with 24 inch, 26 inch and 700C wheels. It’s also got a hollow titanium bottom bracket housed in a carbon shell and a full-carbon seatpost.

The Cnoc Pro Series is designed for the budding cyclocross racer

The Luath Pro Series is designed for the budding cyclocross racer

As well as the carbon forks, the extra cash buys you wheels with Stan’s tubeless ready rims shod with Islabikes’ own UCI-complaint 33mm tubeless-compatible cyclocross tyres. The bike also comes with Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes, which were selected for their greater reach adjustment than hydraulics. There’s a carbon seatpost to shave extra weight and shifting is handled by Shimano Ultegra.

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Also in the range is the Creig Pro Series cross-country mountain bike priced at £1499.99. It’s available with either 24 or 26 inch wheels and comes with Rockshox suspension forks and Stan’s rims.

Even the Cnoc Pro Series comes with carbon forks and a titanium and carbon bottom bracket

Even the Cnoc Pro Series comes with carbon forks and a titanium and carbon bottom bracket

The Beinn 20 Pro Series is a mountain bike with 20 inch wheels, carbon forks, Avid hydraulic disc brakes, carbon forks and Stan’s rims with Islabikes tyres and retails at £999.99.

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Finally, the Cnoc Pro Series, priced at £799.99, also has a full carbon fork and Islabikes tyres. It has 16 inch wheels and is a starter bike aimed at riders from age 4 upwards. Islabikes claims that the Cnoc Pro Series weighs just 4.8kg – 1.3kg less than the standard Cnoc.

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