Rudy Project launches ‘unbreakable’ Impact-X2 lenses (video)

Rudy Project has revamped its flexible photochromatic lens technology.

Rudy Project’s sunglasses are worn by many riders in the pro peleton. Their Impact-X technology takes the unbreakable, flexible plastic used in Apache helicopter windscreens and applies it to sunglass lenses. This video shows a guy hitting the original Impact-X lenses with a hammer – although we would not recommend trying this at home.

This new generation of lenses uses pigments with a more rapid and wider range of response to changes in light conditions. Light transmission can vary between 74% and 9% depending on conditions, with Rudy Project claiming an 80% change in transparency within 10 seconds, which is a 25% improvement on the previous lens. Whereas the first generation lens required ultraviolet light activation, this new lens reacts to visible light and so will change colour indoors or inside a car.

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Rudy Project claims improvements in contrast and visual clarity too and there are three ranges of lenses offered: comfort, all-round or racing, aimed at the conditions experienced in different sports. The lens is available with different base colours, with brown, black or red tinted lenses available, the red tint being particularly useful for its contrast enhancement when cycling.

Impact-X2 lenses are also lighter than polycarbonate lenses, have better scratch resistance and can be purchased for many prescriptions too. They are available in many of Rudy Project’s cycling styles, including the Genetyk, Rydon and Noyz.