Rudy Project Tralyx Sunglasses review

Rudy Project goes for gold with these Tralyx sunglasses

Rudy Project Tralyx glasses
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Tralyx from Rudy Project are a pair of specs that fit well, look good and help keep your head cool, making them a great choice, though you may want to swap the lenses for low-light conditions.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Cool design

  • +

    Comfortable fit

  • +

    Great venting system

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    Not so great in low light conditions

  • -

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Decked in gold and adorning the face of Vincenzo Nibali at this year's Giro d'Italia, these Rudy Project Tralyx sunglasses certainly have a pedigree in braggadocio as well as racing.

To go with the bling gold frame Rudy Project has included its Rp Optics Multilaser Orange lenses that create a nice contrast with its design but also the experience. Much like Oakley Prizm lenses, the Multilaser lenses creates more contrast between colours when out riding, making it easier for you react to stimuli on the road.

Flat light is a common feature of the UK summer and occurs when the sun is diffused by overcast cloud, reducing contrast and tones. Rudy Project Tralyx Multilaser lenses worked well to combat that while also defending against harsh bright rays when the sun actually does come out. Unfortunately, if the cloud was too heavy and the light too dark, the specs would struggle thanks to the darkened lenses.

Rudy Project Traylx

Heat build-up wasn't a problem thanks to the Rudy Project Tralyx Powerflow system. This is the name Rudy Project uses for its venting system. One problem that I normally have with sunglasses is heat build-up when I slow down.

Specs that are too close to my face will trap heat and condense the inside of the glasses causing a nuisance once I start riding again. With the Tralyx the venting and spacing behind the lenses was incorporated so well that this was never a problem.

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Lastly, the frame offers decent customisation with the nose holder being freely adjustable – perfect for anyone with a nose smaller or larger than most while the arms are made of a flexible rubber that not only grips but adjusts accordingly to your head. This is great if you find that most sunglass arms are too rigid or uncomfortable.

If you fancy changing up the lenses then the simple click system is easy enough to use – great if you want to change while out riding.

There are a number of different lenses on offer but like the glasses themselves, they aren't the cheapest.

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