SRAM launches new electric shifting system

SRAM has recently launched the new DD3 partial electric shifting system designed for urban riding

The launch of the new DD3 partial electric shifting system probably escaped your notice, owing to the fact that it is principally aimed at urban riding. However, it does contain some interesting technology and ideas that could well have applications in road specific bikes. In case you were wondering, DD stands for dual drive.

Although this is a system aimed at e-bikes, don’t let that put you off! It features a rear cassette and shifting system, joined to a three speed internal hub. The internal hub and mech work together. The system is designed to work with Bosch motors.

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SRAM Pulse 1

A closer look at the pulse control unit. The antenna looking bit is actually a wire junction

SRAM describes DD3 as  “a unique shifting system that combines a three-speed gear hub with a traditional cassette body controlled by a derailleur. It gives you all the gearing you need, but simplifies the system by putting all the controls in one hand. This means a bike that’s easier to use, and lets you focus on what you love most: riding.”

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The idea is that the gear hub can be shifted at any time, with SRAM claiming that it even works when under load or standing still. The hub combined with cassette provides a wide range of gears for maximum versatility. This means that it is ideally suited to riders who need a wide range of gears or those possibly riding in very hilly terrain.

Could this have applications on some leisure road bikes? It would potentially allow for smoother shifting while still enabling a large range of gears.

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For more information, head over to SRAM.