Tifosi launches special edition Campionissmo bike to celebrate the Giro d’Italia

The limited edition Tifosi SS26 Campionissimo comes with a stunning painjob

With the Giro d’Italia only a couple of days away, Tifosi is celebrating with the launch of a new special edition bike in tricolore colours, only 26 of which will be produced.

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The Tifosi SS26 Campionissimo has the same basic frame as the standard SS26, which has enjoyed lots of success on the British domestic scene this year, racking up eight wins courtesy of the Spirit Bikes race team. That means a lightweight (950g) carbon-fibre frame with a hourglass shaped tapered head tube, which creates a bike “that is the optimum combination of lightness, aerodynamics and performance.”

tifosi ss26 campionissimo top tube

The Campionissimo paintjob is limited to only 26 frames

However it’s the paint scheme that really sets this special edition bike apart. The beautiful round-tubed frame is predominantly white, but with the Italian tricolore dotted about on the top tube, down tube, and head tube, as well as green and red paint on the inside of teh fork and the seatstays. There is also a pink stripe running the length of the top tube in homage to the pink jersey of the Giro d’Italia race leader.

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And if you like the look of this bike, then you could be one of the 26 people to own one, and without even needing to open your wallet thanks to Tifosi’s competition, which you can enter here.

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