Zipp updates Tangente tyre range

Zipp update tyre range with three new Zipp Tangente types; Course, Speed and SLSpeed

Zipp who are known for their road race wheels and accessories have now updated their tyre range to fall in line with new technologies learnt from the Firecrest rim shapes.

Tangente tyres, which were introduced in 2007 to work closely with Zipp’s own brand wheels, were created to help improve overall aerodynamics. Zipp confess although they worked with leading tyre manufactures, did not focus on rolling resistance, leaving room for improvement.

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The three new options from Zipp promise to cover all basis, including rolling resistance and have taken into account new technologies in rim designs, namely their Firecrest wheel range.

Two clincher versions include: Tangente Course, a 120 tpi casing with a puncture protection belt. Speed, dubbed the ‘race day’ tyre, promising good grip, low weight and low rolling resistance, along with a tubular again dedicated to race day.

All tyres will be available next month (September 2014) and start at £42 for the Course, £49 for Speed and £76 for the tubular SLSpeed.