Zipp’s accessory line-up gets larger

Zipp has announced a widening of its accessory line-up for 2016

First up are two new bottle cage options: in carbon or aluminium. Weighing just 18 grams, the carbon cages are available in white or red with a gloss finish. Zipp claims that they are good for tighter frame clearances, as the bottle can be accessed from the top or the side. The price is £60.

Carbon bottle cages weigh in at just 16g

Carbon bottle cages weigh in at just 16g

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An extra 9 grams and a retail price of £29 gets you a silver aluminium cage. Again, this allows side or top bottle entry. You can still get the original black version too.

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Aluminium valves save weight on Zipp's tubes

Aluminium valves save weight on Zipp’s tubes

Zipp has also targeted the weight weenie with a lightweight butyl tube which comes with an aluminium valve. Priced at £8 each, the tube is available in 700c 20-28mm and 20-32mm widths, the latter to accommodate the wider tyres which are gaining traction. Zipp quotes weights of 72g and 96g respectively.

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Valve extenders should be rattle-free

Valve extenders should be rattle-free

Zipp’s range of valve extenders has also increased. They’re available for tubes with non-removable cores as well as for tubes with removable cores. The latter feature gaskets around the extender’s body to eliminate valve rattle and are priced at £36 for a pack of three. The extenders for non-removable cores cost between £7 and £10 each, dependent on length.

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And for aficionados of disc brakes Zipp now sells neoprene rotor protectors to keep water and grease off the rotors when in transit. These cost £16 each and come in sizes to fit either 140mm or 160mm rotors.