Keep your bike in peak condition with Gtechniq’s unique ceramic protection

British firm Gtechniq’s pioneering technology uses quantum physics to create a durable protective layer for your bike

Gtechniq bike ceramic
(Image credit: Gtechniq)

If you’ve spent thousands of pounds on a new car, you’re not going to leave its pristine paint job at the mercy of the elements. The same logic should apply to your bike, because whether you’re talking about a top-of-the-range road racing machine or the latest high-spec MTB, you’ll do what you can to keep your pride and joy in peak condition. 

That leaves you facing a dilemma. No cyclist wants to keep their ride hidden away in the garage, wrapped up in cotton wool like some two-wheeled museum exhibit. But at the same time, roads and trails aren’t well known for being friendly to your bike’s bodywork, whether it’s being attacked by the corrosive salt used to keep traffic moving when things get icy, or the dirt and grime that’s an everyday hazard when you go cross-country. Even cleaning can be bad for your bike’s looks if a scratchy piece of grit finds its way onto your sponge or brush.

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