Latest Eskute Polluno and Netuno e-bikes offer longer range and faster charging

£1,199 electric bike models designed for urban and off-road use

Eskute electric bikes
(Image credit: Eskute)

If you’re looking for an affordable electric bike for commuting and leisure use, take a look at the new 2022 Polluno and Netuno from e-bike specialist Eskute. Founded in 2019, Eskute offers a range of affordable electric bikes, with mid-drive and rear hub motors in its line-up and direct to consumer sales from its UK warehouse, with its bikes assembled at its factory in Poland.

Eskute’s latest models, the Polluno and Netuno are launched this month, with both available at a launch offer price of £1,149. Let’s take a look at what the e-bikes offer.

Upgrades for 2022

For 2022, Eskute has fitted new, upgraded components on both the Polluno and Netuno, with a new high definition backlit colour LED display screen that pairs up with the soon to be launched Eskute app for more information and social sharing of your rides. 

Eskute electric bikes

Both new e-bikes get a colour LED display for range, speed and other ride info

(Image credit: Eskute)

Eskute has also increased the range on both its new bikes to around 65 miles on a charge (although the actual range you achieve will depend on conditions and how you use the assistance) and decreased their charging time with a more powerful 3 amp charger. There’s a new speed sensor for reliable power delivery that’s appropriate to the user.

Both the Polluno and Netuno are suitable for riders from 160cm to 200cm in height and there’s a rider plus luggage weight limit of 125kg, so there’s plenty of scope to load up with shopping or bags. 

There’s a useful table on Eskute’s site comparing the features of all the brand’s e-bike models.

Polluno E-City bike

The Polluno is Eskute’s step-through city bike, suitable for men and women, with a brand new frame with a low step and an integrated battery. It’s equipped with a rear hub motor from e-bike motor specialist Bafang, which gives 250 watts of power and 32Nm torque for easy city commuting and five assistance levels so you can match your power needs and your battery range to your riding.

It’s powered by a 522Wh Samsung battery that’s integrated into the frame and gives an estimated 65 miles of range. With a total e-bike weight of 25kg, Eskute has made the Polluno’s battery removable, so you only have the 3.4kg battery to carry indoors, making for easier charging. It’s lockable in the frame too, to help prevent theft.

Eskute electric bikes

Polluno electric bike is designed for urban use with a low step-through frame

(Image credit: Eskute)

The Polluno runs on 45mm wide 700c Kenda tyres, while stopping power is provided by cable operated disc brakes, for reliability in both the wet and the dry, while the 80mm travel suspension fork adds comfort on bumpy city streets. The Polluno also comes fully kitted out with a rear luggage rack and lights.

Human power is transmitted through 7-speed Shimano derailleur gearing with a 14-28 tooth cassette, giving you plenty of range for different conditions. 

Netuno E-MTB

The Eskute Netuno is designed for urban and off-road use with a crossbar frame that has been reworked for 2022, with a slight bow to the top tube to offset the rugged looks.

There’s a 250 watt, 45Nm Bafang motor that gives more torque than the Polluno, so that you’ve got extra capability if you want to take the e-bike off road. Like the Polluno the Netuno is speed limited so that it cuts out at the 15.5mph/25kph required by UK e-bike regulations. There’s the same 522Wh battery as used in the Polluno too, giving you the same 65 miles-plus range.

Eskute electric bikes

Grippy tyres, 100mm travel suspension fork and powerful motor ready the Netuno for off-road use

(Image credit: Eskute)

Off-road ready features include a 100mm travel suspension fork for comfort, 2.1 inch wide 27.5 inch knobbly tyres from Kenda for the grip you need and there’s a front light built in. Like the Polluno, there’s a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and cable operated disc brakes fitted.

£50 pre-sale discount

Both the Polluno and Netuno e-bikes are currently offered with a £50 pre-sale discount, making the pre-launch price £1,149, with delivery scheduled for this month. Take a look at Eskute’s site for more details. Use the code cyclingweekly50 to save £50.

Eskute offers fast, free delivery from its UK warehouse, along with 15 day returns and a two year warranty on its e-bikes. 

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