Power up your cycling with a Himiway electric bike

There are plenty of reasons why Himiway has become one of America’s most popular e-bike brands

Himiway Cruiser
(Image credit: Himiway)

Electric bikes have been one of the biggest, most exciting developments to hit cycling in decades, and US manufacturer HImiway is at the forefront of the revolution. More than 100,000 cyclists across North America and Europe have already charged up their rides with a Himiway e-bike, and there are plenty of reasons you should put the brand at the top of your wishlist – whether you’re looking for your first power-assisted bike, or are in the market for an upgrade.

Since it was established in 2017, Himiway has been listening to feedback from its users to help improve the range of its electric bikes. The company’s bikes are designed to get you further, giving you a much larger range than their competitors. Thanks to powerful 48V, 20Ah batteries with an energy capacity of 960Wh (which compares favourably to the market average of 672Wh), Himiway says its e-bikes can travel up to 80 miles on a single charge. That’s 43% further than other electric bikes on the market.

The ability to travel further before plugging in clearly has numerous advantages, particularly in the winter months when you really don’t want to find yourself stuck without charge, miles away from home. Indeed, it’s reassuring to know that Himiway batteries are durable enough to keep you moving when temperatures plunge towards freezing – and beyond. 

Himiway Cobra

(Image credit: Himiway)

Himiway electric bikes aren’t just about getting you from A to B, however. One of their biggest selling points is that they’re built to carry impressive payloads, making them a viable alternative to a car when you’re running errands.

Himiway has upgraded its frames by constructing them from 6061 aluminium, three times thicker than you’d find on previous models. This allows e-bikes to carry up to 400lbs (181kg) in additional weight, compared with the 250lbs (113kg) offered by many competitors.

And, having become one of the leading e-bike brands in the US, Himiway products are now available in the UK, France and the Netherlands. The company is so confident in the quality of its bikes that it offers a two-year warranty and a 10-year frame replacement promise on purchases, as well as a 15-day free refund option after you buy. Shipping is free when you buy from the Himiway website.

You can also expect to see plenty of tempting discounts in the run up to Black Friday, but don’t hang around, because the earlier you get in there, the better your chances of finding a deal to suit you:

  • Save  $200 on Cruiser/Escape/Zebra/Big Dog purchases with code BF200
  • Save $250 on Himiway Cobra with code BF250 
  • Save $300 on Himiway Cobra Pro with code BF300
  • Get 15% Off on Orders over $3,000 (automatic discount, discounts may vary by country)

Here’s a quick look at the Himiway electric bike range to show what’s on offer:

Himiway Cruiser Electric Fat Bike

Himiway Cruiser

(Image credit: Himiway)

With its removable 48V Samsung battery and 250W motor, the Himiway Cruiser gives you the freedom to go anywhere within a 60-mile radius. Its 26-inch Kenda fat tyres offer excellent grip and traction over a variety of terrain, as well as a more comfortable riding experience. And, once you’ve learned how to use the e-bike’s high-end Shimano seven-gear shift system to its full potential, you can save 15% of your battery life as you ride.

The versatile Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru retains the Cruiser’s performance features, but adds in a low-step frame design that makes it more convenient and comfortable for older riders. Its 4-inch-wide tyres also provide stability on rough terrain.

Himiway Cobra Electric Mountain Bike

Himiway Cobra

(Image credit: Himiway)

The Himiway Cobra Electric Mountain Bike has everything you need if you’re looking for a bit of off-road MTB action, or an electric bike for hunting. The Cobra’s 26”x4.8” CST super fat tyres are the biggest e-bike tyres in the US market, and offer extra stability on all trail conditions. The softail design also features four-bar linkage suspension and coil suspension to take care of any bumps when you’re riding down the trails. The 750W gear hub motor supplies plenty of power to your rides, but if you’re looking for a little bit extra, the Himiway Cobra Pro offers 1300W of peak motor power.

Himiway Zebra All Terrain Electric Bike

Himway Zebra

(Image credit: Himiway)

This all-terrain electric bike comes with 26-inch Kenda fat tyres, designed to improve traction and prevent sinking on loose surfaces such as mud or snow. Propelled by a powerful 250W gear hub motor and upgraded inner ring, the Himiway Zebra can carry you 80 miles with pedal assist, or 60 miles if you rely purely on electric power. It also comes with removeable Samsung/LG power cells to make charging your e-bike even more convenient.

Himiway Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike

Himiway Big Dog

(Image credit: Himiway)

The heavy lifter of the Himiway range, the Big Dog boasts a large, multifunctional rear rack that makes it ideal for carrying heavy loads – of all shapes and sizes – up to 400lbs. With its 20-inch fat tyres, the Big Dog’s moped-like design is purpose built for the daily commute, while the brushless gear hub motor can help you negotiate any obstacle in your path.The intelligent pedal-assisted system can adjust power output to suit ever-changing road conditions, while the Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery can last seven hours on a full charge. The Big Dog is a cargo bike that goes the distance.

To find out more about the Himiway range – and check out the exciting e-bikes and accessories you can buy – visit himiwaybike.com (US) or uk.himiwaybike.com (UK). You can also follow Himiway on Facebook

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