dhb Vector Photochromatic Lens sunglasses review - high performing, stylish and affordable, what's not to like?

Fashionable oversized sunglasses that react brilliantly to changing light conditions

Image shows dhb Vector photochromatic lens sunglasses.
(Image credit: Future)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Slightly heavier than some of their rivals but that doesn't matter: dhb's Vector series is truly one of the best on the market, with excellent clarity, fashionable design and a solid frame

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great clarity

  • +

    Very trendy

  • +

    Excellent field of vision

  • +

    Cheaper than rivals

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A little heavy on the nose

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In the preceding 18 months before testing the dhb Vector photochromatic lens, my preferred sunglasses of choice has been its cousin, the white Revo with a piercing blue lens.

They’ve become my go-to pair for a few reasons, the headlines being they are very comfortable, they offer a non-moving fit, excellent clarity and they scream stylishness.

The Vector photochromic version ticks all of the same boxes, but instead of being for summer use is reserved for darker light conditions, used for when the sky is cloudier and the sun is hidden.

I’ve come to one defining conclusion: regardless of the lens, the dhb’s Vector series is among one of the best cycling sunglasses on the market. They are an outstanding range of sunglasses.

dhb Vector photochromatic lens sunglasses

(Image credit: Future)

dhb Vector Photochromatic Lens sunglasses: Construction

The Vectors have a striking frame design, with sharp edges forming the upper, lower and side shapes of the sunglasses, with the lens sitting in between but separated slightly at the top by two small but noticeable air vents.

Slightly longer than usual arms are attached with a simple hinge, the right arm sporting the message ‘Don’t Hold Back’, which seems an appropriate message for in-your-face eyewear.

The photochromatic lens offer a UV400 protection and boasts photochromic lens technology that enables the glasses to quickly adapt to changing light conditions. Wear them in dull or rainy weather and the lens will be clear; use them in brighter light and the lens will show off a darker hue.

dhb Vector photochromatic lens sunglasses

(Image credit: Future)

dhb Vector Photochromatic Lens sunglasses: the ride

One thing that I’ve constantly been impressed by the Vectors is how their oversized frame rarely obstructs the field of view, with the upper frame sitting quite high up on the forehead.

That means that even when riding in an aggressive position, the field of vision is rarely obscured, and the sheer size of the lens enables immense clarity and peripheral viewing.

I tested these sunglasses out in typical autumnal conditions, meaning that sometimes I left the house in skies full of clouds, while half an hour later the sun was peeking through, only for light showers to fall as I returned home. Whatever conditions I rode in, the Vectors responded. 

It goes without saying that I wouldn’t use them in the summer knowing that sun is the order of the day, but they responded to bright conditions excellently, while doing a fine job of providing me with a clear vision when the light was significantly darker.

An adjustable and soft nose pad means that the sunglasses stay in place on the nose, although they are slightly heavier than some of their rivals at 36 grams. This may seem like such a minor point, but at times I could feel the weight sitting heavy on my nose. The arms, however, don't cause any discomfort on the side of the head.

The air vents at the upper end of the frame permit constant air circulation, and I never once experienced the glasses steaming up. Likewise, I was impressed at how quickly I could wipe off sweat marks or water droplets, with the stains instantly scrubbing off. Believe me when I say that it can be a nightmare to remove smears on some other sunglasses.

dhb Vector photochromatic lens sunglasses

(Image credit: Future)

dhb Vector Photochromatic Lens sunglasses: Value and conclusion

There’s very little I can fault with these Vectors - as aforementioned, for me dhb have produced a series of oversized sunglasses that are not only stylish but offer excellent clarity, brilliant ventilation and a rigid, sturdy frame that never looks like it will snap and break.

I am refraining from offering them the full five stars because other glasses - most notably the Oakley EV Zero Blades, which retail at $224 / £182 - provide even better clarity, and the added weight did cause a bit of a pressure point on the nose at times.

But at $120 / £90 they’re half the price of the Oakleys and the outcome is just as good. Highly recommended. 

dhb Vector Photochromatic Lens sunglasses: specs

  • Price: $120, £90, €100
  • Colours: Black
  • Size: Universal fit
  • Website: dhbsport.com

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