Altura Nightvision Hurricane Jacket review

Edward Westrop tests out the Nightvision Hurricane jacket by Altura

Altura Nightvision Hurricane Jacket
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Altura Nightvision Hurricane jacket is a fantastic compromise between style and practicality for those who want great visibility when out on the road. It will meet the needs of the target audience: it’s not the most breathable of jackets, far from it, however you can rest assured that you will not be getting wet, at least from the outside, when riding in extreme conditions. It is very well suited to commuting, touring and bike packing and can be rolled up small enough to be stowed away in a handlebar bag for peace of mind in case you get caught in a downpour... or hurricane.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Visibility without sacrifice to style

  • +


  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lack of breathability

  • -

    Roomy fit

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The Nightvision Hurricane waterproof cycling jacket sits at the top of Altura’s waterproof range, offering fantastic protection against wind and rain in more extreme circumstances.

This is a jacket designed to meet the needs of commuters, and we think it does just that - though its weatherproofing features do come at the cost of breathability, which we found lacking.

Altura Nightvision Hurricane Jacket: construction and the ride

The first thing that jumps out when looking at the Hurricane jacket is its stylish yet practical design. It features an intricate pattern of reflective geometric lines right the way down the arms and on the back which shimmer beautifully when lit. Added to this is a smattering of larger, highly reflective panels which ensure that you are seen by traffic at night, but remain understated when not in the course of headlights. The result is a jacket which looks great off the bike, also acting as an efficient visibility aid when riding.

There are two colours to choose from (navy or maroon) which unfortunately don’t offer as much visibility for daylight riding as the Typhoon jacket which comes in a range of bold colours (red, silver and fluorescent yellow).

Altura Nightvision Hurricane Jacket

The Hurricane hosts some fantastic features which kept me dry during what would have otherwise been some pretty miserable rides. It can be tightly sealed by velcro straps around the cuffs, a drawstring around the bottom of the jacket and the rear is also dropped to offer added protection against road spray.

At the top of the jacket there is an extremely high collar which is fleece-lined for added comfort and completely covered my neck when zipped up to the top, which made for a rather cosy riding experience. The only caveat to this high collar is that it did tend to flap around a lot when not zipped right up to the top which became a bit of a pain, the ability to button the collar down certainly wouldn’t have gone amiss. There is also an easily detachable hood which I just about managed to fit over the top of my helmet without it lifting the shoulders. 

Altura Nightvision Hurricane Jacket

In comparison to the Typhoon jacket, which I also tested, the Hurricane is far better suited to high winds, thanks to its closer fit. The fabric felt impenetrable to any breeze getting through, which was also helped by taped seams and the closure systems around the neck, arms and base which kept the jacket as a sealed unit.

As a smaller rider, I felt the fit would have been improved if there was an XS on offer, which doesn’t feel like too much to ask seeing as the size range tops out at a 3XL, and I would certainly recommend that you consider dropping a size as the jacket came up bigger than expected for me. 

Altura Nightvision Hurricane Jacket

Where the Hurricane really falls short is in its breathability, or lack thereof. It only features vents under the arms and not on the back of the jacket which could have helped alleviate this problem. Due to the design features which make this jacket so perfect for keeping the wind and the rain out, my body heat was very much kept inside which meant I was returning home extremely hot and sweaty after more intense rides.

On the plus side however, it didn’t take long to warm up when riding in sub 10-degree temperatures and removable layers did help to counteract the feeling of clamminess on longer rides. I would suggest that this is a jacket best suited to lower intensity commutes and touring over harder efforts. 

Altura Nightvision Hurricane Jacket: value

Topping Altura’s waterproof jacket range at £139.99, the Hurricane certainly does house features which justify the leap from the Typhoon jacket which comes in at £99.99.

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