Funkier WJ-1314 Jacket review

The Funkier WJ-1314 Jacket is a good value jacket with plenty of warmth, but struggles with breathability

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

The snappily-named Funkier WJ-1314 Jacket offers plenty of warmth for good value at £79.99. However it lacks breathability and the pockets are awkward to say the least.

  • +

    Reasonably priced

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  • -

    Not breathable

  • -

    Awkward pockets

If you’re looking for a jacket with a slightly more relaxed cut, then look no further than the Funkier WJ-1314 Jacket. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Funkier rhymes with chunkier as the size medium measures up to the same dimensions as a large from most other brands. The baggy sleeves are also particularly generous for a garment that’s made for cyclists.

Something of a cross between a casual and a cycling jacket, the unimaginatively monikered WJ-1314 jacket represents everyday value, rather than boasting any real claims of technical excellence.

The TPU material is both windproof and waterproof, and the inside is lined with a warm, fleecy Roubaix fabric. There are two inside pockets (just don’t put small items or coins in them — for some reason there’s a 50-pence-piece-sized hole in each), two zipped side pockets and one large zipped waterproof pocket on the back. Getting into any of these pockets on the move is a bit of a faff compared to the usual open three-pocket design, though.

The jacket is fairly heavy, but with that comes warmth. For anything above 10ºC, it’s far too warm and even on those frosty early starts it’s been a little too sweaty and clammy for hard efforts, even with the vents unzipped.

As a commuter jacket for those really cold winter days, though, the Funkier WJ-1314 Jacket represents excellent value.

For more info visit the Funkier website.