Le Col X Wahoo Indoor Training Jersey review

Quality jersey for indoor use, but better used on the road in our optinion

(Image credit: Owen Rogers)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Except perhaps having Wahoo emblazoned across the front, I like everything about this jersey. As an indoor only bit of kit I'd say it’s way over priced. Luckily, in my opinion it's much more multi-use than its title might suggest. I'd consider this a very good quality summer jersey that you can use for indoor training. Personally, I’ll revert to using an old base layer for the turbo, keeping this for hot outdoor rides.

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Indoor training kit has been appearing on most clothing manufacturer’s websites and Le Col is no exception. Accompanying its Wahoo Indoor Training Bib Shorts is this jersey, which I tested over a number of hot steamy rides.

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Le Col’s indoor training jersey has the substance of a base layer with a zip. Made of 3D wicking mesh fabric it is a super lightweight jersey with all the bells and whistles of a classy hot weather top.

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For indoor use the company says the jersey is “suited to group training sessions where style is as important as substance,” adding that it’s “equally suited to hot weather rides outdoors.”

Notably, there's an awful lot of similarities between this piece of kit, and Le Col's identically priced Pro Air road jersey. It even has the same low collar, three rear pockets and sleeve cuff grippers, which seem superfluous on an indoor only jersey.

I liked the design, but if you don’t want to look like you’re training in a tee shirt you bought at Altered Images’ 1982 ‘Pinky Blue’ tour, there is a more subdued colour scheme, though both are emblazoned with Wahoo’s logo.

The sleeve grippers on Le Col's Indoor Training jersey are the only sweaty part
(Image credit: Owen Rogers)

The Ride

I’ve not ridden this on the road, using it only for its intended use, but it performs excellently, most notably when it comes to wicking, which is astounding.

Summer turbo training is normally a moist affair but I set up in the garden, in direct sunlight where the Garmin told me it was 43º. Though on the outside the fabric was soaked, it never once felt clammy, even on a cooler day in the shade of the garage it performed as well. So well I never felt the need to ride with the zip undone despite the heat and humidity.

The only slight gripe are those sleeves, which are slightly too grippy and the only part of the garment which ever felt sweaty.


Le Col’s kit is hardly budget, but £120 is about standard for such a quality piece of kit which helps moderate the body temperature when on the turbo. I personally wouldn't want to fork out quite this much for a piece of kit to be worn only in my garage - though those taking indoor racing seriously may feel differently. Thankfully, this is actually a top garment for use in hot temperatures in general - so with that in mind, I feel the price is reasonable.

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