Megmeister UltraFris Pro jersey review

Clever tech helps the UltraFris cool you down during hard efforts

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Thanks to its unique technology the Megmeister UltraFris jersey is almost perfect for use in hot conditions or training indoors. Only time will tell if the technology can survive years of regular washing.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Perfect warm weather performance

  • +

    Works well for indoor training

  • +

    Fit is good

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    At the top end of the price range

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Megmeister's latest clothing range UltraFris features sweat activated cooling. Whilst on the surface this might sound like a gimmick, in reality it actually does work.

The UltraFris jersey looks on the surface to be a carbon copy of your typical high-end road cycling jersey. The fit is nice and close around the torso and sleeves without being too restrictive or putting off riders that aren't into the classic skintight 'race' fit. This is enhanced by the soft feel of the main fabric against the skin.

The sleeves feature a mid bicep cut so not too long or short, however the cuffs lack any form of gripper so any amount of arm movement will see the sleeves ride up higher during a ride. There's a good bias cut with a slightly shorter front panel and dropped tail, putting the jersey in a good position when riding, although the slightly stiff zipper does cause a little bunching when in your normal ride position.

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Three deep and stretchy pockets are complimented by a zipped valuables pocket on the right hand side. The material has enough structure to prevent the pockets from sagging too much when loaded up with your usual ride necessities.

So far, so normal. But the real difference is in the material Megmeister uses for the jersey. The fabric uses what it calls its Freeze Tech printing process. This impregnates the jersey with xylitol and erythritol, two chemicals that have interesting properties. You might have heard of these before as they are sometimes used as sweeteners and additives to chewing gum amongst other things. The main function of these chemicals is to induce a reduction in temperature when water is added. Effectively when you sweat and introduce water to a fabric impregnated with these chemicals it initiates an endothermic reaction, absorbing excess energy in the form of heat from the body and releasing this heat through radiation. The result is a rapid cooling to the area affected.

You can just make out the Freeze Tech print on the UltraFris jersey.
(Image credit: James Bracey)

Does it work?

The short answer is yes! It's a feeling unlike that found in any other jersey. I have used the UltraFris jersey on multiple warm (and hot weather rides) as well as on the turbo and the effect is quite extraordinary. It's like you've just lathered your body in toothpaste (or chamois cream) and you do actually feel far cooler and more comfortable when riding in the heat. Add in a breeze and the effect is even more noticeable.

I remember Castelli using a similar technology in some of its base layers around ten years ago and whilst it did do a similar job the effect wore off with multiple washes. So far after around ten washes the UltraFris is still going strong but I can't attest for long term durability of the treatment after a few short months.

Sleeves do ride up a little. You can see the print a little better in this pic.
(Image credit: James Bracey)

The jersey is nicely understated and when combined with the technology has become a bit of a favourite on rides and turbo sessions. If you ride in the heat or just find your overheat quickly I would highly recommend the UltraFris.

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