Velocio Concept jersey review

Impressively technical riding top from New England

Velocio Concept Jersey
(Image credit: Colin Levitch)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Stalwart performance brands like Castelli or Santini should see the Concept Jersey from Velocio as a major competitor to their own gear

Reasons to buy
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    Techy materials

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    Substantial pockets with zippered pocket

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Reasons to avoid
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    Picks up a bit of smell

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The thinking behind the Concept short-sleeved cycling jersey is simple: Velocio wanted to make a riding jersey that is aero, articulated, and comfortable, but not at the cost of performance.

This is the holy grail that every jersey in this category and price range is chasing, and one that proves to be anything but simple.

Comprised of a mix of fabrics, the Concept jersey feels like no other cycling top I’ve slipped onto my shoulders, and the New England-based clothing outfit is clearly flexing its proverbial design muscles. And to great success.


Velocio have used three recycled high gauge Italian fabrics to build the Concept jersey. Designed to fit like a second skin, the brand used 3D body mapping to inform the placement of each panel, and there is plenty of stretch throughout to prevent wrinkles or binding.

Velocio Concept Jersey

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

The front panel is textured with a fish scale pattern, sees a low cut collar and Thermo bonded hem at the bottom. It’s a bizarre fabric to the touch, almost feeling like shark skin on the outside but is plush on the interior to prevent discomfort.

While Velocio doesn’t make any outright claims about this fabric being aero, I would venture an educated guess that this texture is a large part of the reason it's situated on your body's leading edge. A YKK zipper runs the full length of the top and is backed by a neoprene placket that continues to form a zipper garage at either end.

The back panel of the jersey is an exceptionally lightweight and stretchy perforated mesh that also runs onto the back of the sleeves. The sleeves themselves run the majority of the way down to your elbows and stay down without the need for a gripper.

Velocio Concept Jersey

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

The pockets are made from yet another fabric: this time a much heavier gauge, a stretchy textile with a strong rebound to allow you to stuff them full of snacks, layers, and tools without sagging or bouncing. This fabric also comes around over your hips. Velocio has also opted for a hidden zippered pocket that’s lined with a rubbery coating.

The branding is pretty minimal, with small pearlescent greeny-purpley black logos on the sleeve, chest, and middle pocket.


From the texture and use of the fabrics to the cut, it’s clear that the brand has spent a lot of time thinking about each element and how they will all come together.

Luckily, all that design time was not in vain because the Concept jersey is a supremely comfortable piece of riding kit. With the low cut neck, it's a bit like you’re wearing the top half of a skinsuit, though there is enough give in the fabrics that it also doesn't feel like you’re riding in a sausage casing.

Velocio Concept Jersey

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

Not quite as lightweight and breathable as the Radiator Jersey, the Concept Jersey is no slouch in the cooling department. Even on Australian summer days above 90F / 32C and with high humidity levels, I was impressed with how efficiently the Concept jersey wicked moisture.

I am one of those people who really struggles in the heat and humidity, but on more than one scorching ride I seemed to be traveling better than the folks I was riding with — even more impressive given this jersey is black.

The pockets aren’t all that deep, but with the stretch built into the fabric, you can definitely pack them full. Even loaded, they hold the weight close to your body. The small panels of the thicker material that wrap around your hips not only suck in your love handles, they also do well to brace the weight in the pockets, so it's not just supported by the back panel. 

Velocio Concept Jersey

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

With all the fabrics used being so light, the Concept jersey is a tad see-through — as evidenced by how you can clearly see the white base layer I’m wearing in the photos.

I have noticed, however, after a few successive washes, the Concept jersey has picked up a little bit of perma-stink, but given this jersey is almost entirely polyester-based, that’s not a huge surprise. There is a Merino version if natural fibers are more your jam. 


None of Velocio’s clothing is what I would class as easy on the wallet, and with the Concept Jersey priced at $189 / €174 / $239, it’s one of the more expensive garments in their range. To date, I’ve ridden in quite a few of Velocio’s products and have been impressed by the quality a fit of every garment, including the Concept jersey.

Velocio doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that this is designed to be a range-topping piece of kit, and among other premium pierce riding tops, the Concept jersey is worth every penny.

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