Attaquer All Day bib shorts review

Quality Aussie bib shorts designed to withstand the rigours of long rides into the outback

Attaquer All Day Bibs
(Image credit: Colin Levitch)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Ultimately, a good set of bibs needs to be comfortable sitting in for hours on end at a price you are willing to pay. Between the fit, the materials, and the comfort on offer, the Attaquer All Day bibs check each of these boxes.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft materials

  • +


  • +

    Well padded chamois

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Chamois doesn't dry as quickly as thinner pads

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As you can probably work out from the name, the Attaquer All Day range is designed for big rides.

Sydney-based clothing outfit Attaquer crashed onto the scene in 2013 with bright and colourful cycling kits that stood out from anything else available on the market at the time. These weren't your kits that were just loud for the sake of being loud: the designs were eye-catching, but still looked great.

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While the first run of kits was cut around the silhouette of a WorldTour racer, as the brand has matured it has branched out into more subdued designs and fits tailored to those of us who don't train 30 hours a week. 

Attaquer came in the early part of a swell of small boutique clothing brands that have since come and gone. Attaquer is still here seven years later because of the quality of the materials and the standard of finishing that keeps its clothing from disintegrating after a few washes or a trip over the bars. 

Attaquer All Day bib shorts: construction

As with any pair of shorts, the most crucial piece of the puzzle is the chamois. Sewn inside the Attaquer All Day bibs is a two-piece, well-padded, articulated chamois. Thick, dense foam is used throughout, with the most substantial found in the area that supports the soft tissue forward of the sit bones. The front panel is perforated and comes up high enough to provide a degree of modesty off the bike.

Attaquer All Day Bibs

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

The shorts feature six panels of lightweight stretchy Lycra that is velvety soft on the skin. Everything is held together with four-stitch flatlock seams, and the hem is finished with a 33.5mm jacquard leg gripper with the words "Be your alter ego" written in silicone letters on the interior. 

The bibs' waist comes up above your belly button, and thankfully there is no fear of your stomach playing peek-a-boo if you're wearing a jersey that's a bit short in the front. 

Up top, the bib straps are made from a lightweight mesh that has plenty of stretch in every direction and doesn't chafe or pinch. For this version of the All-Day bibs, the pockets on the bib straps have been replaced with a sewn-on plastic tag.

Like the All Day jersey, the branding and design of the Attaquer All Day shorts is pretty subdued with small logos on the side of each leg and around the leg band. There is also a small reflective strip on the back of the left leg for some added visibility. 

Attaquer All Day bib shorts

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

Attaquer All Day bib shorts: the ride

Other than the pad, which does add some heft to these bibs, all of the fabrics used are lightweight and yet provide structure and hold the shape of the shorts. While the Lycra doesn't offer quite the level of compression you get from some other bib shorts, the All-Day bibs provide enough to keep your muscles happy.

Attaquer says they have a 'race fit', but compared to some of their other garments the fit is a bit more forgiving, and I didn't have to think slim thoughts to pull them over my derriere. They are true to size, and you probably won’t need to worry about possibly sizing up. 

Attaquer All Day Bibs

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

Earlier I noted the pad is comparably thick compared to many bib shorts in my kit drawer, width the bulkiest of the padding seeming in front of where it should be, but it works. From big road rides to 60km mtb adventures and some very long Zwift sessions, the Attaquer All Day bibs have excelled in just about every situation I have worn them. The only downside is the chamois doesn't dry quite as quickly as some thinner pads, but this is only something you will notice if you spend a bunch of time off the bike. 


Priced at £189.95/$259/AU$353 similar to the All Day jersey, the All Day bibs are not cheap, but still come in well below the ultra-premium offerings. For the level of comfort and quality on offer, it's money well spent. Given that I've taken a pair of slides in the gravel while wearing these shorts and they still look brand new offers a decent insight into the durability.

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