G4 Brazil National bib shorts review

We test G4's National bib shorts in their post-Olympic Brazil variant.

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Nice bib shorts with an understated Brazilian theme. Comfortable and a good fit.

  • +

    Close fit

  • +

    Good seatpad

  • +

    Comfortable in hot conditions

  • +

  • -

    Quite expensive

  • -

    Not flatlocked

  • -

Part of G4’s complete Brazil National kit, its bibshorts are principally black but have their left leg gripper in Brazilian flag colours. This contrasts nicely with the mataching jersey, socks cap and which are much more brightly coloured and guards against an overload of colour.

G4 is a French company based on the Cote d’Azur and makes a small range of quality cycling clothing. It makes its National kit in Italian, Belgian and French designs too and also sells other designs.

Made in Italy, the Brazil National bib shorts are a close fit, but still very comfortable on the bike. The leg grippers are single layer and have a series of silicone grips which extend all the way up their inside surface to keep them firmly in place. The seams are not flatlocked, but I did not have any issues with discomfort or rubbing.

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G4’s seatpad is quite large and thick. Its padding is perforated for additional venting in hot conditions. The perforations aren’t noticeable when riding, but do keep things a bit cooler when riding in hotter conditions. I’ve found the pad fine for longer rides with the close fit of the shorts keeping it well positioned.

There’s quite a high back which ends in the two unhemmed shoulder straps. These are sewn together for a few inches up the back to help with their positioning.

Apart from the Brazilian colours on the leg gripper, the only adornment on the shorts is a small G4 logo on the back, so they’re a garment which will not look out of place with other clothing now that the Olympics are over.