Michelin Pro4 tyre




  • Good puncture resistance
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Excellent grip
  • Wear well


  • Sidewall susceptible to damage

Price as reviewed:


It’s not much of a choice; a hard hosepipe of a tyre or a puncture roughly every fortnight – for the record, I choose punctures and staying upright.

Now, though, those winter days are behind me. We told you in ‘100 miles’ in the magazine that the new Pro4s were good; well, with over 1,500 miles covered, we’ve upgraded them to blooming brilliant.

That’s not to say they don’t puncture: thus far, I’ve had just the one and that was on the turbo(!), so nothing’s perfect.

Puncture aside, grip, rolling resistance and wear rate are all top notch. If there is one weakness it’s the sidewall, which while supple enough to give a comfortable ride and an abundance of grip, is a little susceptible to damage.


The puncture resistance and grip make it a great tyre for UK riders looking for overall performance in the mixed road conditions typical for us. Contact: www.michelin.co.uk


Supplier: www.michelin.co.uk