Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Test winning Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit costs £40

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  • Strong cleaning power
  • Multi position spray
  • Brushes and tools work well


  • Not much

Price as reviewed:


  • The powerful spray works as a mist for coverage or as a jet to penetrate nooks and crannies.

    The pink Nano Tech solution needed very little agitating with a brush to lift stubborn dirt and even a light spray worked well.

    The sprocket-cleaning and two-prong brushes are likely to be all you’ll ever need for a road bike: the former works brilliantly even on 10-speed cassettes, the latter makes light work of brakes and wheels.


    The detailing brush is great for tough degreasing jobs, though this kit doesn’t come with degreasing fluid. The water-displacer works well post-wash to complete the showroom look.