Effetto Mariposa cleaning and lubrication products review - effective and eco-friendly

Biodegradable bike cleaning and lubing products that work and are kind to the environment

Effetto Mariposa
(Image credit: Paul Grele)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A well functioning set of cleaning products that work effectively as well as being kind to the environment. The chain cleaning machine is straightforward to use and cleaned a grubby chain very well. In addition, they will make your bike and shed smell pine-fresh too!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner machine worked well

  • +

    Biodegradable fluids

  • +

    No aerosol usage

  • +

    Pine scent

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Peg board hole on the cog brush would be nice

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Cycling, as we know, is a pretty environmentally sound choice and so the best bike cleaning kits ought to be too. However some of the petrochemical products that we use routinely to maintain our bikes might not be as eco-friendly as we'd like. If we have the option to use sustainable, plant-based products that are also biodegradable then we should buy them, shouldn't we? Of course, as long as they work properly.

The five products on test here are all from Effetto Mariposa's new sustainable cleaning and lubrication range and include the Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner machine (RRP £30), the Allpine Extra Eco Chain Degreaser (RRP £16, 500ml), the Flowerpower Wax Chain Lube (RRP £12, 100ml), the Cog Brush (RRP £9) and lastly the Allpine Light Eco Bike Cleaner (RRP £14, 1,000ml).

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