Best bike cleaning kits for a sparkling finish

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One of the best bike cleaning kits can make a messy and time consuming job quicker - whilst also yielding a better end result.

A proper degreaser cuts through muck and grime, resulting in an infinitely shinier drivetrain, and a purpose designed brush really will help you to get into all the nooks and crannies where crud tends to collect.

Considering how how hard your bike works for you over the course of a season or a year, it's well worth investing a little in equipment that will add longevity to the life of its essential components.

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Here's a look at some of the best bike cleaning kits on the market.

These are designed to provide everything you need to get started - then you can top up with those which run out more quickly as time goes on. Many brands sell 'top up' bottles of concentrate, to cut down on the environmental impact of packaging.

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best bike cleaning kits

Muc Off is the market leader - and it's easy to see why. We awarded this kit a 10/10 in our last review.

It comes with Muc Off's famous pink Nano Tech Cleaner, which the brand claims is the most effective formula out there, and it's biodegradable.

You also get a bottle of 'Bike Spray' for post-wash protection against rust and corrosion.

The set contains four brushes and a sponge, and the box counts as one of the 'eight' - so the actual cleaning product to equipment ratio is quite low, and though the Bike Spray is a start, you'll need to purchase chain lube separately - but this will certainly set you up for long term bike care.

best bike cleaning kit

Reasons to buy
+Decent cleaning properties+Wet lube works well+Leaves a good finish
Reasons to avoid
-Spray needs work

Weldtite's cleaning kit comes with all the basics you need to get to grips with bike maintenance - a litre of the Dirtwash Bike Cleaner, plus a sprocket brush to make sure you get into the nooks and crannies.

There's a lubricant spray, and an all-weather lube, to ensure your results last and keep rust at bay.

You also get a sponge, though in our experience these tend to need fairly regular replacement (often with your least-loved tea towel).

best bike cleaning kit

Reasons to buy
+Smells good+Breaks down dirt well
Reasons to avoid
-Degreaser is a little small-Bike cleaner spray bottle needs work

This is a "mini" set, ideal if you're getting started and don't want to spend too much, or are perhaps low on storage space - though it's worth bearing in mind that smaller products means more frequent refills and more packaging.

This set contains 500ml of Bikehut Cleaner, 250ml of Bikehut Degreaser, 100ml Bikehut All Weather Lube and a sponge.

best bike cleaning kit

Juice Lubes scrub and buff kit

Juice Lubes make some great kit - and this set should have all your needs sorted.

The £37 set contains some swanky additional extras you don't get elsewhere - such as the 'frame polish and protector' to complete the job.

You also get a bottle of degreaser, basic cleaner - which dilutes to create 10 litres of product, chain lube and a chain cleaner so you can get your silverware truly sparkling.

best bike cleaning kits

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Crankalicious cleaning kit

Crankalicious is a brand born from its creators combined experience in automotive care, and love of cycling. They aim to create effective products, with limited environmental impact - and most of them look and smell great, too - which is always a plus.

This set comes in at £55 - though the combined cost would be £67 outside of the bundle, it's still far from entry-level or basic.

You'll get a litre of Pineapple Express spray wash, 500ml of Mud Honey bucket wash, 500ml of Limon Velo degreaser, Mayo Jaune frame polish, Gumchained Remedy chain cleaner, Epic Hide leather and Vinyl cleanser, Like Pneu tyre cleaner (100ml each) - plus a wash mitt, sponge and drying cloth. Basically - all bases well and truly covered.

Products to look for

Frame cleaner

Most sets will come with a basic cleaning product - ideally in concentrate form, so you can mix water with it at each wash.


Some catch all bike cleaning products can be used in concentrate form as a degreaser, whilst others will supply a separate product. Either way, this is for use on the drivetrain, to cut through built up oil and grease.


There's no point getting your bike sparkling clean, and putting it away without lube - the result will be miles of noisy pedalling, and even rust.

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Apply a small drop of chain lube to each link - ideally opting for a "dry lube" in sunny conditions, and "wet lube" if you expect rain.