Muc-Off Wet Lube review

A tenacious lube that lasts well in the wet

muc off chain lube application
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Cycling Weekly Verdict

Muc-Off's extensive range offers a huge amount of choice, to suit every need and budget. The 'basic' Wet Lube might not carry some of the cachet of more advanced formulas, but we found it to be long lasting, easy to apply - and all at an affordable price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Long-lasting, even in bad weather

  • +

    Easy to apply

  • +

    Keenly priced

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Chain turns dirty after a while

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Whatever type of chain lube you prefer, Muc-Off has something to offer. At the top-end there's Ludicrous AF, which Muc-Off claims to be the world's fastest race lube (at £49.99 for a 50ml bottle, it had better be good). Then there are ceramic lubes with both wet and dry formulations, hydrodynamic lube, e-bike lube, all-weather lube, dry lube, -50˚C lube for severe cold weather – a specialist lube for mild but misty Wednesdays is probably in development.

But if you want to ride in all weathers, with a fuss-free lubricant that doesn't cost silly money, there's Muc-Off Wet Lube. While you'll need deep pockets and a racing licence to justify £1 per millilitre for Muc-Off's finest, the Wet Lube costs £8.99 for a 120ml bottle. It tends to be discounted if you buy directly from Muc-Off, with further reductions if you buy two or three bottles at a time.

Like any lubricant, for best results you'll want to start with a clean and dry chain. But you don't need to be quite so diligent and precise when applying Muc-Off Wet Lube as you do when waxing a chain with the likes of Smoove or Squirt. Shake the bottle, apply the lubricant to the inside of the chain, wipe away an excess, and off you go.

Muc off chain lube packaging

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There's a blue tint to the lube as it comes out of the bottle, and a bubblegum scent that makes a pleasant change from the oily smell of a petroleum-based lube. It flows smoothly from the bottle, and the nozzle is sensibly sized so it's easy to apply just the right amount. And like many modern chain lubes, Muc-Off says the Wet Lube is biodegradable, so it's a sound choice for the environment.

Hit the road, and shifting is commendably smooth and the chain runs quietly. After a ride or two you may find there's more excess lube to wipe away, but that's common with a wet lube. Just be aware that if you apply too much lubricant and don't wipe away the excess then the Wet Lube can attract some dirt. We're not talking cloying, drivetrain-destroying levels of gunk here, but Muc-Off doesn't shed grit and grime as well as the best dry or wax lubes.

Where the Muc-Off Wet Lube excels is in resisting rain and keeping your chain free of rust. I rode in wet weather, and even sprayed the chain with a garden house for some deliberate extra abuse. The Wet Lube clung on tenaciously, and whatever was thrown at it there was no sign of corrosion. Even in mid-winter, 100 miles plus between applications is no problem.

Most of the test miles were put in on a road bike, but I've also used Muc-Off Wet Lube on a gravel bike and mountain bike. The MTB in particular tends to get short-shrift when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, but even after putting the bike back in the shed dirty and damp there's been no sign of rust or stiff chain links after being left to fester for a couple of weeks.

So, Wet Lube may not be Muc-Off's most advanced or expensive lubricant, but it's a very good choice for all types of riding, especially in wet weather.

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