The best chamois cream 2024 and how to use it

Why you need chamois cream, how to apply it, and where to buy it

Image shows a person who has used one of the best chamois creams' before heading out on a winter endurance ride
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You’ve most likely heard of, if not used, chamois cream whether you are new to cycling or have been an avid rider for most of your life. 

But if you haven’t a clue what chamois cream is, or even how it’s pronounced, fear not, as hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have a clearer understanding of this useful, if a little intimate, product. 

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Michelle Arthurs-Brennan specialized aethos
Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Tech Editor Michelle Arthurs-Brennan races road, crits and track, adding in the occasional time trial and gravel ride/mountain bike ride when the occasion arises. She's been working in the cycling industry for a decade and finds chamois cream comes in handy the most during training camps, which consist of long days, back to back.

Stefan Abram on Zwift
Stefan Abram

Stefan's cycling career began on a mountain bike, but he's moved over to the 'dark side' of the road thanks to the arrival of the handy hybrid, gravel. Off-road, he recently completed the 200 mile long 'South Downs Double' in under 20 hours, and sticking to the tarmac, he also Everested in under 12 hours in 2021. In 2019, he picked up the title of National Single-Speed Cross-Country Mountain Bike Championship.

cyclist riding towards camera stress on shoulders
Simon Smythe

Cycling Weekly’s Senior Tech Writer, Simon Smythe, is primarily a time triallist, throughout his career he's claimed a national medal as well as a few open wins and his club's 30-mile record. He's not always racing the clock, spending most of his time aboard road bikes, as well as notching up miles using a tandem with his younger son on the school run.

Charlotte Broughton

Charlotte Broughton is a British rider, racing for the KDM-Pack women’s cycling team. An accomplished writer, she is a regular on the pages of Cycling Weekly magazine.