Assos Chamois Crème review

Saddle sores can be a pain in the backside - So does Assos Chamois Creme help all things down under?

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you’re having chaffing or feeling sore from riding lots you can’t go too far wrong with Assos’s Chamois Crème. Despite the initial chilling effect this cream will keep you comfortable on long rides and can be applied to your shorts or skin to great effect.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great for use on the chamois or on the skin

  • +

    Soothing, cleansing and softening

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The pot style container encourages double dipping.

  • -

    Cooling sensation not great before a chilly winter ride.

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Getting the miles in can be hard work, but it’s not always our legs that let us down. Having issues with saddle sores and chaffing when riding lots can be a big problem for cyclist. Many brands make specific creams for dealing with this type of discomfort, we tried Assos’s Chamois Crème to see how it fared.

Assos encourage applying the cream in freshly washed chamois, as this helps keep the chamois soft and lubricated. This enables the chamois to stay supple and reduces chaffing on longer rides. Alongside this the cream can be used in the traditional way of applying to the skin – watch out for those sensitive areas though. An initial cooling effect, which comes from the menthol in the cream, is refreshing but on a cold day isn’t a brilliant feeling. That said this soon subsides and just a small amount is enough to keep you comfortable on rides of a few hours.

With cleansing and softening properties this cream is sure to keep your undercarriage in check when riding lots. The one big issue we did have was the pot. This style of container encourages double dipping, which isn’t particularly hygienic, it’d be much better if it came in a tube.

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