2Toms Butt Shield chamois cream review

Available as a roll-on or in sachets, 2Toms Butt Shield takes a new approach to remedying the cyclist's secret problem

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

2Toms Butt Shield definitely helps improve comfort on long rides if you suffer from saddle irritation. The roll-on or single-use wipe presentation makes it easy to apply, it stays put during the ride, has a smooth texture and provides low-profile coverage.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Works well to increase ride comfort

  • +

    Easy to apply

  • +

    Keeps working through longer rides

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Single-use sachets are quite expensive

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If you find yourself getting a bit uncomfortable at the end of a long ride, it might be worth trying 2Toms Butt Shield on your next excursion. Its main ingredient is dimethicone, a silicone oil also found in high-end cosmetics. It’s mixed with shea butter, a trendy skin smoother, and a range of other plant extracts.

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Unlike other chamois creams, which come in tubs or tubes, 2Toms sells Butt Shield as a 45ml roll-on and also as single use wipes sealed in sachets. Both are clever modifications to the usual packaging. The roll-on is really convenient and easy to use, as you don’t get the product all over your hands and it’s easy to carry around.

Single use sachets are handy when travelling

You just apply the product to any area where you might get chafing or irritation and it forms a smooth, thin transparent film over the skin. Butt Shield reduces friction and rubbing between your rear end and saddle and also between layers of skin.

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There’s no need to reapply during a ride, as it will stay put and keep working for the duration. It’s also waterproof, although it can be washed off with soap and water after a ride. It feels very smooth on the skin: something between olive oil and Vaseline (don’t ask).

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I’ve used Butt Shield on longer rides of six hours plus, wet as well as hot, and it definitely helps keep things more comfortable. It’s easier to apply than a traditional chamois cream too.

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The single-use sachets are very useful if you’re travelling to an event or are planning a multi-day trip, although at £1.70 each they’re quite pricey.

Price for the roll-on is comparable to many other chamois creams. The low mess factor and easy application are big advantages. Since you only need a thin film, Butt Shield should prove reasonably economical too.

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