2Toms Stink Free sports detergent review

2Toms Stink Free sports detergent is part of a range of cleaning products for sports kit and associated items. We've been trying it out on kit from our winter rides

Cycling Weekly Verdict

2Toms Stink Free detergent works well to keep your sports kit clean and stop odour build-up. It’s effective against the usual smelly synthetic baselayers. Although it’s expensive to buy, a pack should last well.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Designed for washing sports kit

  • +

    Removes odours

  • +

    Small dose is effective

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Package is pricey

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2Toms is a US brand of sports products, based in Texas, which majors on sorting out those pongs which seem to linger in your kit after prolonged use. The brand is owned by Medi-Dyne, a larger company that produces a wide range of products to prevent and treat pain and injuries, both for athletes and health care applications. 2Toms also produces a roll-on chamois cream and other stuff to stop you being rubbed up the wrong way by your sports kit.

Stink Free is part of a wide range of sports cleaning and ride comfort products
(Image credit: Cycling Studio)

It says that its Stink Free sports detergent contains a high-end cleaner and residue lifter that helps to restore clothing performance and breathability. It’s safe to use on GoreTex and Neoprene garments as well as the usual Lycra. 2Toms also says it’s colour safe.

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It’s worth using a specialist sports detergent on your cycling kit as standard laundry detergents can damage the performance of technical apparel, either its wicking ability for hot weather gear or its water repellency for technical shell garments.

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Stink Free can be used in a washing machine, with a recommendation to use around 25ml for a full load. With a bottle containing 887ml it will do around 35 loads at this dosage. 2Toms quotes 30 loads, but this is assuming you use the one fluid ounce (everything’s in US measures) suggested for medium loads. Since US top-loading machines use a lot more water than European front loaders you can probably get away with less than this – the UK site suggests half that quantity.

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I’ve found that Stink Free has been effective at cleaning mud and road dirt from my cycling kit. It has also managed to sort out the usual smells that accumulate in synthetic baselayers after a ride.

At £16.50 for a bottle, 2Toms Stink Free is quite pricey, but it lasts a long time and if it maintains the performance of your cycling kit, it’s a worthwhile investment. You can also buy a two-wash trial pack for £2.25.

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