Finish Line eight item bike cleaning kit

Finish Line eight item bike cleaning kit costing a total of £39




  • Desgreaser works well


  • Expensive
  • Poor quality brush set

Price as reviewed:


The five-piece brush kit is pretty good but sadly nowhere near as good as the Muc-Off kit.

The handles are quite shiny, making them difficult to grip with freezing cold, wet hands.

At £12.99 for just over a pint, the degreaser is as pricey as London lager but works well, either in a chain bath or with a brush. Both methods produce a sparkling clean finish.

The main cleaning spray is OK but, like the brushes, needed more effort to lift the dirt compared to Muc-Off, Ammo and Fenwick’s products.


Overall, the cost per item was disappointing and, aside from the degreaser, the performance was somewhat lacking, too.