The Tour of Flanders will finish in Oudenaarde in 2012, meaning there will be no Muur de Geraardsbergen on the route.

Instead, the final 75 kilometres will centre around a circuit of the Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg, which is to be tackled three times.

The Paterberg will now be the race’s final climb, replacing the iconic, steep and often-decisive cobbled climb of the Muur. There will also be no Bosberg.

The Classic’s finish moves from Meerbeke, which had held the finish in 1973, to Minderbroederstraat in Oudenaarde.

After a flat opening ninety kilometres, next year’s Tour of Flanders tackles the climbs of the Nokereberg, Taaienberg, Eikenberg, Molenberg, Rekelberg , Berendries and Valkenberg before the three finishing laps.

This year’s Tour of Flanders was won by Nick Nuyens (Saxo Bank-Sungard).

In recent years, only superficial changes had been made to the race route. With this important shift, next year’s race is sure to have a different complexion.

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  • paul waller

    At first I was flabbergasted at this decision to leave out ten bosse,Muur ,Bosberg, as thats all I,ve ever known for the finale…But in ,reflection I think this will freshen-up the race and create uncertainty. I nstead of the race ,being decided on the one of the Muur, and everyone waiting for it, I think there will be a more open and attacking race. Patersberg and Oude Kwaremont are not an easy option ,there is very little space in between for the riders to recuperate, so yes time for a change, and a good move.

  • matt

    As a ronde van vlanderen ‘pest’ for me its THE race to watch on tv every year, ive rode the full dist sportive 3 times in the past and i have no doubt that the route change will be excellent and probably harder to race for the pros, hard going over the paterberg etc 3 times. it also means i may need to get out there again in 2012, as if u need an excuse? bier frites cobbles

  • Dez

    Having done flanders this September -anyone who thinks the race will lose its spark is misguided. The Paterberg 3 times is seriously nuts, especially at the the end of a 258k ride. It like saying that the Tour de France is crap if it doesnt do the the Ventoux every year. Yeah the Muur is iconic but isnt the whole race. I think the whole idea is to freshen things up – after all, isnt it all about moving forward……. ?

  • JohnyL

    I can’t believe it, I have only been cycling for just over a year and a few of us did the Tour of Flanders Sportive this year after recommendations by other cycling friends. The Muur was definitely the highlight of the day, it was like “Nam” at the end of the day! There was 3 helicopters above us, screaming fans all the way up helping us crawl our way up the hill, it was cycling hell and heaven in one 1500m stretch. All the other hills are very similar to anything you ride around your local hilly route in the UK. Very sad, I was going to organise a trip for next year for my friends as we had a such a great weekend. I don’t think I’ll bother now. Big shame.

  • neil duerden

    Whoever has made this decision has seemingly no understanding about the essence of the Ronde or indeed any of the Spring classics.

    Another sad day for cycling…….

  • Ian

    The question has to be why? This will change the race completely. The Ronde has always been my favourite classic, this could ruin it.

  • kevin couldwell

    I cannot believe I won’t see the best classics riders going up the Muur de Gramont (why did we stop calling it that?) next year. Absolutely gutted. Not to mention Tenbosse on the run up and the Bosberg after – who can forget Gilbert’s all out effort last year while Cancellara floundered momentarily?

    If it aint broke why fix it??

    Would the Fleche Wallonne be what it is if it didn’t finish on the Muur de Huy? Or Liege be the same if it didn’t go up La Redoute? The World really has gone mad.