French clothing brand offers free badges to customers who’ve ridden its local climbs

Based in Nice, there’s no shortage of impressive climbs for Café du Cycliste to choose from. So the high-end French clothing brand has decided to let anyone who’s ridden one of them claim a free badge.

With climbs on the menu including the Ventoux and Bonnette as well as the even more local Col de la Madonne and Col d’Eze, you could probably plaster your jersey with more badges than fabric.

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To claim your badge you need to join the Café du Cycliste Strava club and also create an account on Café du Cycliste’s website, using the same first name and surname. You then choose Badges from the menu and grant access to your Strava account, so Café du Cycliste can verify that you really have climbed all those cols in one day, choose your badge and complete the check out.

This is one of the routes up the Col de Turini

You can claim your first free badge on its own, but after that you’ll need to buy something to get subsequent badges.

And for the 1604 metre high Col de Turini, Café du Cycliste has gone further, setting up the Brevet des Zinzins de Turini. There are multiple routes up the Turini and Café du Cyciste has set up a challenge to scale the col by at least three of them within 24 hours.

Zinzin means “a bit crazy” in French. To set the atmosphere, Café du Cycliste has produced a video suggesting what might be in store for you.

Café du Cycliste includes a brevet card for the ride with the purchase of any product from its Audax line. This can be stamped at any of the starting points for the climb as well as at the summit. You can also use your Strava trace to prove that you’ve completed the challenge.