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  • Not much


  • Not easy to access
  • Small
  • Doesn't work well whilst cycling


Rapha Large Shoulder Bag


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Rapha has been the epitome of urban cycling chic for so long that our expectations were high for its latest courier style bag.

Sadly, while the thinking behind the product is sound, the execution leaves a little to be desired.

First off, the ‘large’ is far from it, it’s more a medium/small. But it’s the niggly details that really rankle – like the single hidden clip that holds the main flap closed.

It’s hard to get a hand to and causes you to deform the flap for access; the pad on the shoulder strap doesn’t want to stay still and the unyielding elastic around the main pocket means you need two hands to rummage through it.



All that could be forgiven if it worked well on the bike, but it fails here too, thanks to the awkward secondary strap, which is clipped and unclipped behind you. This bag really lets Rapha down as ?it could do so much better.

  • Simon Braithwaite

    Assos and Rapha pricing has become quite literally a sick joke, £125 for a bag !! Do me a favour and this should have been 1 star all the way.

  • Ashley

    2 stars: it beats you up and takes your money.
    1 stars: it beats you up, takes your money and your bike.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the review. If this isn’t any good why does it still get 3 stars? I’d hate to know what it takes to get 1 or 2 stars?