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  • Ideal if you only want to carry one bike!
  • Secure fit
  • Small stowage size


  • One of the rubber feet kept slipping on our test model


Saris Solo rack


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A one-bike-only Saris rack is ideal for anyone who wants to keep the inside of their car oil-free and who doesn’t want to store a big, ungainly multi-bike rack in the garage.

The Solo rack fits in seconds with the four feet sitting neatly on the rear window and tailgate. We tested it on a hatchback but see no problem with using it equally successfully on a saloon, with the usual adjustable straps to secure it in place.

The bike is held tight with plastic ratchets that clamp the top tube, holding the frame clear of your car’s bodywork, although the front wheel needs tying down separately.

Its soft rubber feet aid a snug fit on the car and prevent scratching, although we had an issue where one would constantly try and jump free and twist round no matter how tight we fixed the rack.


That said, even with only three and a half feet firmly in contact the rack remained firmly in position. It was unnerving nonetheless. Off the car, it fits behind the driver's seat.

  • kevin spice

    I got one september 2012 and love it! Uped the spec and so it cost over£1200. Looks lovely and is great to ride. Only issue with it is I don’t like getting it dirty as it ruins the look. nd with the UK weather that means I only ride it 3 times a year. ;o)

  • Steve Peters

    Cinelli the best option here for 1k. It looks a lot classier than the Ribble IMO and looking at the range of bikes out on a typical sportive, far more exclusive! It may give away half a pound in weight but comparing like for like perhaps the £75 you’d save could be spent on lighter wheels as you spec up a bike with fantastic heritage. Carbon ain’t the be all and end all and that’s before you look at reports of customer service and satisfaction on the’net..

  • Neil Jones

    Just taken delivery of a Sportive Bianco kitted out with Sram Apex and a Fulcrum 5 wheels. An awsome and great looking machine on which climbing is almost a pleasure!

  • Rik Slingsby

    Just ordered my Sportive Bianco with 105 group,and can’t wait! Used to be a keen cyclist as a teen, and not really done any miles since then, 20 years plus!, and back then it was a Ribble, Reynolds tubing, with I think the first 105 groupset! Always been great bikes!! Gonna feel a big change!! ….Mainly because I’m just turning 40!!

  • Ivo Costa

    I bought my Ribble Grandfondo last April with Ultegra groupset but 28mm tyres for the pot holes in Fife Scotland. What can I say… it’s an amazing bike, light, strong and amazing value for money. My £1200 vs my mates £2100 Trek and the service at the Ribble shop to get properly measured to get the right size frame has been brilliant. Go on get one and clock up the miles.

  • Si

    Fear not, I have the red version of this frame, and it doesnt hum. However, I do have an aluminium Colnago which whirs in pleasing kind of way! Back to the Ribble, which rides superbly in all respects, and the finish is top notch. For the money, and compared to many other mid range carbon frames that I have looked at costing more, in my opinion the sportive is tough to beat. Get one and enjoy.

  • BeSpoke

    Tempted o buy one of these. Great reviews… However, reported humming sound isn’t necessarily a good thing. In fact engineers would normally strive to prevent resonance because the enhanced vibration is generally detrimental to the fatigue life of a structure.

  • Dominic Courage

    Thought I would let you know about my awful experiences with Condor. The other day I was riding the CONDOR ITALIA-CROSS that I bought 3 years ago. I heard a snap and to my astonishment the frame had cracked clean through near the top of the down tube (see photos).

    I have never used it for cyclo cross and ridden it exclusively on the roads so I was shocked to find that CONDOR would not replace a frame that had performed so far below what you might reasonably expect. In addition I came across this chap who had the same experience on the SAME PLACE with the SAME MODEL after the SAME PERIOD. See link comments under the link, something is clearly wrong with these frames:
    photos at:

    I was offered the crash replacement scheme which amounts to a measly £175 off a new £520 frame with an additional £75 charge for labour. Pathetic really for a company that trades so strongly on claiming product quality. They even suggested wear and tear (all components are original) and scuffed saddle (from a minor slip) were contributors to the damage.

    Condor are under no warranty obligation to replace since the warranty is 2 years which is fine but they are under an obligation to sell products that meet a reasonable performance expectation. Clearly it is reasonable to expect a £1000 bike to last more than 3 years normal commuting use.

    Given the nature of my complaint customer service was also extremely poor. I was promised an update by the end of the day on three separate occasions and was disappointed to have to chase them for an answer three times after a number of day waiting. You’re free to make up your own minds but my conclusion is that these guys trade on a trendy label but have a poor quality product with after-sales service is zero if you find that the product is poor after the short warranty is up.

  • Andy Griffiths

    Bought my Sportive Racing 10 months ago using the cyclescheme voucher. Its my 1st Carbon bike, but my 5th Ribble in 15 years or so. Since it turned up my Ribble Winter Audax bike hasn’t been out of the garage!! Incredible bike, frame fits 25mm tyres, its a real eye catcher which goes as well as it looks.

  • Dave Hewes

    I bought this frame recently and have been hugely impressed. Fast, efficient and secure delivery of a high-quality, well-made product which is finished superbly. Extremely comfortable ride with enough stiffness to really enjoy putting in a quick burst of power when the mood takes you (which on this thing is seriously often.) The only draw-backs include the impracticality of the gleaming white paint and the american spelling of carbon fibre(er) on the seat-stays. Like David Morris above, I transferred the components from my old bike onto this frame and am already considering upgrading, if only to do the frame justice. The Sportive Bianco performs at the level of a bike at twice the price and the Ribble name emblazoned on the tubing helps destroy the unfounded pre-conceptions of the bike snobs out there. Highly recommended.

  • Annie Fletcher

    I bought the Solo as I wanted something easy, simple and uncomplicated to move my bike. I didn’t see the point of buying a twin or even a triple rack when I have only tthe one so the Solo was ideal plus all the other bike racks I had seen on the market where just way too complicated!

    I have a Nissan Micra and the rack fitted to it with absolutely no problems. I did need a false cross bar for my bike but this fitted to the rack again with no problems.

    The one issue I did have was that the bike is free to swing. Under braking my pedal was hitting against my number plate and again on accelerating the bike was swinging out!

    I ended up having to take off the front wheel and repostion the rack on the car to minimise this and I also had to use velcro straps that I wound round the legs of the rack and the frame of the bike to secure it better and stop it swinging!

    After all that I did drive from Manchester to Ireland up the M6 with it on the back and it didn’t move an inch even on the ferry!!!

    So if you are not afraid of thinking outside the box and having to do a bit of damage control then this rack is ideal. Stores really easy and now I know how to position my bike and what I need to do it is rally easy and simple to use and I can get the bike rack on with bike and be on the road in ten minutes!

    Hope this has been of help!

  • Paul Solerti

    Like the reviews on this bike and i have been saving up for this one. Finally bought it last night with blue tape and tyres. Can’t wait to see it turn up…

  • Mike Finch

    I bought a Ribble Sportive (the red one) last October, with a 105 compact Groupset and RS20 wheels. It rides beautifully soaking up the rough Cumbrian roads far more effectively than my previous Aluminium framed bikes. Mine weighs in under 18lb, I recommend it greatly. Only slight disappointment was that the expected 10 day delivery spun out to four weeks.

  • David Morris

    I have owned a Ribble Sportive (The old red and black colour scheme) framed bike for 4months now. Funds where tight so I purchased the frame and fork only and swapped all of the other components from my old bike. The new machine is OUTSTANDING! it’s lightweight, comfortable, fast, stiff, sure footed and beautiful to look at. I can’t recommend the frame enough…..go on treat yourself!

  • kev

    To Lee above-You need to use the “special edition bikes” section to get the best price,I made it £1078.

  • Lee

    Strange but if I spec up a 105 model with ITM wheels it comes to £1123.45
    That’s off the website as of the 25th Feb 2011
    Not really fair on the other guys I think?