The Tacx Blue Motion T2600 trainer offers a compact design and a good choice of resistance settings, but isn't the quietest and could be more realistic.

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  • Compact design
  • 10 resistance settings


  • Ride could be more realistic
  • Not the quietest


Tacx Blue Motion T2600 trainer


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The Tacx Blue Motion T2600 resides at the lower end of the turbo trainer price spectrum, possessing fewer features than premium models. However, the lower price doesn’t mean it is poor quality – this is a very well made trainer, that is easy to set up, use, and store away thanks to its compact folding design – perfect if you have limited space.

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There are 10 resistance settings and this is controlled via a handle bar mount that connects to the flywheel by way of a cable. The handlebar control is one of the best we have seen, it is sturdy, with the click changes being reassuring and confident. The current resistance level is clearly visible as a white number on a blue background and this makes it ergonomically superior to other controls in the same price bracket. The ten settings are ideal for those wanting to do ‘Sufferfest’ type workouts.

Max power output is an impressive 950 Watts, courtesy of the ‘Neodymium magnetic unit’ and will be more than adequate for most riders needs. A 1.7Kg fly wheel helps keep the ride smooth, but ultimately it remains turbo-like, with more expensive units offering a much more realistic feel.

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The Tacx isn’t the quietest turbo we have used, so if you have thin walls and easily aggravated neighbours, it might be worth investing in a less noisy turbo, although noise can be reduced, with a Tacx mat and turbo specific tyre.

This unit may not have all the interactive features of more expensive models, but for the price it is a solid and reliable piece of kit.

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The Tacx Blue Motion T2600 may be at the lower end of what you'd expect to pay for a decent trainer, but manages to offer compact design and a number of resistance settings. However it could certainly be quieter and the ride feel wasn't the most realistic.

  • jj extreme

    dont believe the reviews that say it is easy to assemble. Possibly, but it depends on the individual trainer. The one that I purchased was not manufactured to accurate enough specs and it could not be assembled properly. As a result, I could fit my wheel even though the box indicates that I should be able to use by 70cm wheel. There are 2 position settngs for the frame of the resistance wheel, but the 2 sets of hole are not distinct but have an overlap. I had to cross the holes to get the bolt to screw into the nut on the other side. The circumfrance of the curved fitting was not manufactured correctly and was too short. Most importantly, they dont provide an assembly manual. They give you a few pictures and only a few words repeated in many languages. Some portions of the assembly have no words at all. There is one part which is provide and mentioned in the list of parts, but nowhere in the manual does it describe where to use the part.
    On the website, they do not provide a more comprehensive manual but only the ridiculous pieces of paper that they provide in the box. Their videos which are also on YouTube have no voice and only trivialize the assembly process. Now to support which they provide through email. NO ANSWER FROM THEM !
    but a bit more expensive item with a more comprehensive manual.