We put the Michelin Pro4 Endurance road bike tyres to the test on a range of tough road surfaces

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Michelin Pro4 Endurance 28mm tyres


  • Very puncture resistant
  • Roll well
  • Grippy in corners
  • Comfortable with little speed penalty


  • None so far


Michelin Pro4 Endurance road bike tyres


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These 28mm Michelin Pro4 Endurance road bike tyres turned up in time to take on the Paris-Roubaix Challenge sportive back in April. Hitting the gruelling cobbles of the Hell of the North, these dual-compound tyres noticeably dampened the impact of the infamous pavé and never lost their grip — instilling confidence for the rest of the tough sportive.

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I’ve now done nearly 2000 miles on these tyres, and so far have had one puncture on the front and none at all on the back, and that one puncture was due to an unusually large piece of flint. Those many miles include the time on the cobbles, rides on wet debris covered roads, clashes with potholes, and commutes on glass strewn London streets.

Unless you’re running solid tyres, none will ever be 100% puncture proof, but these seem pretty close.

Michelin Pro4 Endurance 28mm tyres by Jack Elton-Walters 2

Great on cobbles and normal roads. Photo: Jack Elton-Walters

What’s more, they’re very grippy, corner perfectly, and roll just as fast as 25mm rivals I’ve used recently. Also, if you think 28mm is overkill then these are available in 23 and 25mm options too.

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Pretty much the perfect rubber for most riders, and likely to be a permanent feature on my bike from now on. At £41.99 they’re not the cheapest but are a worthy long term investment.


I haven't used every tyre on the market, but of the ones I have tried these are the best by a long way. Puncture resistant, fairly fast and very grippy, a brilliant pair of tyres


Sizes:700x23c, 700x25c, 700x28c
Contact :www.michelin.co.uk
Tread details :Anti-puncture ply with HD protection, 3x 110TPI casing, bi-compound tread area
  • Edward Hutton

    years ago I used dunlop rr tyres Icannot remember many punctures

  • Edward Hutton

    is that 1 or 2 tyres

  • RobTM

    Of course I have, I’ve taken sharp ones out of tyres when checking them, very much like blades and some puncture resistant tyres DO stand up to that. Flints on road are a key reason to buy winter tyres

  • Derek Biggerstaff

    I`m really not trying to be argumentative but your post has me wondering if you have actually experienced flints. They come in all sizes and can be so sharp that no tyre would be proof against them.

  • Mark Webster

    I have these in 25mm for a few years, the only punctures I’ve had was from not having enough tyre pressure, since getting a guage and inflating above 80psi I’ve had no problems. Descending last year I caught the edge of a large pothole as a car was overtaking, the tyres didn’t even notice. I tried some conti gatorskins recently that in comparison feel flimsy and are prone to punctures.

  • caspar harte

    I’ve got these and they are great, previously had the Pro4 service course 25mm and those collect flints, but these do not. Was worried they would feel too boring or heavy in comparison but they are fun fast, grippy and roll very well. they can run at 57 Psi as well for when the getting home gets real bumpy, which it did for me coming back from Windsor castle along the Thames river path last week. Also rode these 210Km from London to Cambridge and back, potholes left right and centre and so I loved having these 28mm Endurance tyres rolling over everything the road could give and then some, all the while being fun and responsive.

  • RobTM

    Puncture due to flint, means I wouldn’t use these tyres in winter. Far cheaper puncture resistant tyres stand up to sharp flints without puncturing, I’ve found remnants on inspection riding previously gritted roads

  • bendip

    All that’s needed now is for Ribble to add them to their tyre twin pack offers..let’s say..£44.95 for a pair ?