CW5000 members battle the storms in February

The best of the CW5000 Facebook group in February: Despite awful conditions, CW5000 members have stuck to the task of clocking up the winter miles

The UK was battered by two Atlantic storms in the space of a week this month, first Ciara then Dennis, which has made getting out and racking up the miles slightly more difficult, and now we are being told that Storm Jorge is coming over from Spain to join the party. Some of our members have been resigned to the fact that miles will have to be accumulated on the turbo trainers indoors, whilst others haven’t let a bit of wind, rain or snow stop them.

Nevertheless in the Strava group alone this year 34,528 rides have already been logged, totaling 607,471 miles and 24,985,867 feet of climbing.

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Steve analyses the risks of going out in the high winds

Gethin showed incredible commitment to the cause, not leaving much mud behind on the trails 

Sailing Weekly isn’t one of our titles Danny

Rob comes up with another magazine idea: Kayak Weekly

Extra miles due to flooded road detours – they all count Andrew

CW5000 team nickname: Shameless mileage whores

Clever tactics from Ali, riding the storm and making the winds work in your favour

Unbelievable effort from Iain, riding 50 miles in the snow. 

Selling the turbo just before the storms arrived in hind site was a bad idea by Simon


Adrian puts the kids to bed and retreats to his garage to enjoy some ‘alone time’. 

Steve also satisfies his mileage addiction on Zwift whilst he waits for the weather to improve

As we move in to March the days are getting longer, hopefully we will start to see slightly better weather and the miles will come that much more easily.

Sign up to the CW5000 challenge and be inspired to ride further in 2020.

The CW5000 is an annual challenge to ride 5000 miles in 2020. Alongside this target riders are given monthly challenges to maintain their motivation. Keep an eye out for the March challenge for a chance to win a UCI world champion’s jersey signed by Tom Pidcock and Lizzie Deignan, provided by the Rayner Foundation.